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  1. But my passport stamp which was stamped by CBP says Until: Dec 09, 2020. Anyway I checked a pic on google a person came on CR1 visa on Aug 24, 2008 and his stamp says Until: Aug 23, 2010. same like me. Thanks anyway.
  2. Oh I know about that it is valid for 1 year and since I got a green card it is irrelevant now. Anyway my question was, on stamp CBP officer wrote valid till Dec 09, 2020. However, my green card says expiration date dec 10, 2020.
  3. Even though on my passport CBP wrote Dec 09, 2020 but on green card the expiry date is 12/10/2020
  4. Hello everyone! I came to USA on CR1 visa on Dec 10, 2018. CBP stamped my passport for Dec 10, 2018 and Under this date, the Until date he wrote is Dec 09, 2020. (Means visa is valid until Dec 09, 2020) However when I received my green card, it says Resident Since: 12/10/18 Card Expires: 12/10/20 So, my question is why there is different date on my passport i.e. Dec 09, 2020 but On green card it says Dec 10, 2020. Shouldn’t both dates be same? Thank you
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