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  1. bilal467

    Islamabad embassy Pakistan

    How come can she have NICOP if she is just a US citizen and not Pakistani citizen? NICOP card is for overseas Pakistani as well. Does She own Pakistani citizenship too?
  2. bilal467

    Islamabad embassy Pakistan

    Hello! For How long were your wife living with you? and is she dual national?
  3. Yes, Petitioner can come to US Embassy along with beneficiary but it all depends on Co whether he/she wants petitioner to attend an Interview. Beneficiary can tell Co that his/her spouse is with him/her. Then chances are that Co would ask petitioner to attend an interview as well.
  4. Well, I still haven’t gotten a response from anyone here yet who has an Interfaith marriage in Pakistan and their spouse has been granted a visa?
  5. Yeah totally agree with you on divorces and marrying cousins.
  6. Well, I’m legally married with my American christian wife under sharia law amd marriage is registered with relevant authorities as well. And have our legal wedding papers and marriage certificate attested by foreign office of Pakistan as well. The mixed religion is my only Red Flag. Apart from that none. No age differences. No previous marriage or child. Didnt marry on first trip. Stayed almost 6 months tigether. And now planning more as well. I hope all goes well.
  7. Well, I have seen only 2 posts where they quesioned legality of marriage between Pakistani muslim and American christian. This is why I made this topic so I want to know if they issued visa to any such couple from Islamabad Embassy.
  8. Yeah we have filed i-130. She came last year and stayed with me for 3 months. Came here this year for 3 months and got married. No age difference im 27 she is 24. We dnt have any previous marriages. Dont have any kids. Plus she is planning to come back again now in couple of days. The only Red Flag we have is different religion. Apart from that, we both have solid proofs of bonafidr marraige and ongoing relationship.
  9. Yeah I know that put everyone on AP too. But what I don’t understand is that why they will question the legality of marriage papers wen it is legal according to Pakistan’s law and legally registered. Ofcourse, it must be backed by proofs of ongoing relationship.
  10. here is the link. That lady named Carolyn said it. And are you from India or Pakistan?
  11. I don’t know why do they question the legality of Marriage Papers when it is issued by relevant government authorities.
  12. Ofcourse we have many proofs of us being in a bonafide relationship. I just read that US Embassy doesn’t think that marriage between Muslim and Christian is legal in Pakistan. This makes me worried
  13. Why congratulations? I have read on this website that US Embassy Islamabad doesn’t accept marriage between Pakistan Muslim male with American christian female. This makes me worried.
  14. Hello! Did any American Christian woman marry Pakistani Muslim man in Pakistan and there visa got approved from US Embassy Islamabad? I’m asking because I have read on some forum that US Embassy Islamabad doesn’t think that Muslim man from Pakistan can marry Christian woman from America? P.S. I am Pakistani Muslim who Married American Christian in Pakistan 2 months ago. Our marriage is legal here and registered as well plus Attested from Foreign Office of Pakistan as well. Thank You!