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  1. If you are called to redo a medical in anticipation of visa issuance, can the follow up interview be scheduled quickly? In other words, do they have a special category for people in that situation so they can set up an interview fast? Faster than the standard open times, I mean ... If you have any information about this, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.
  2. I have a pet peeve in that visa applicants/beneficiaries on this site from Pakistan almost NEVER post a timeline. Which means their cases are largely unhelpful for anyone in a similar situation or with a comparable visa. The site is meant to help, explain, and encourage other applicants but when critical information is missing on like applications, there is no way to gauge whether one's own case is reasonably on track or not. I would hope my brothers and sisters from South Asia and Pakistan would reconsider the sharing of information which could be of benefit to us all.
  3. You don't have to be, but if they allow you to be it's better. It shows support and proof of an additional in-person meeting.
  4. Unfortunately many of the best, most decent, and most upstanding citizens can get delayed by these extra security checks ("extreme vetting," "administrative processing," whatever you want to call them) so you can't be sure how long it will take for either visa type. I believe the marriage visa is the CR-1 and you would marry anywhere you could (Tunisia, France, etc.) and then apply as a married couple. In most high fraud countries or condor visa countries, those are approved in higher numbers than the K-1 visas and the green card received initially is for 10 years, not 2. Feel free to correct me if any of this information isn't correct, since this isn't our visa type.
  5. You should meet several times, in Tunisia, France, Spain, wherever you can meet. And keep joint photos, ticket stubs, hotel receipts, etc., when they have both your names on them or when they are clearly from the same date / time (e.g., two train tickets to same destination, same time, on same day). You are from one of the countries which is subject to extra scrutiny so you need very strong evidence and a lot of patience. Only five K-1s were approved in Tunis last month (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/nonimmigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-nonimmigrant-visa-issuances.html) so consider getting married before applying.
  6. Personally I listed all places (including college residence and study abroad programs) as separate entries and locales. If it was a short vacation of say 3 weeks or less or where I was moving constantly from place to place, I did not list it. Of course that entailed a relatively complicated listing of places but it was thorough. The CO complimented us on our good documentation but I don't know if that portion of our application was in his mind when he said that.
  7. They asked us about our wedding plans at the interview, and we had a date selected and reserved with evidence. I would advise you take some evidence of your intended wedding date.
  8. In addition to the 7 essentially banned countries, there are 26 countries which get extra scrutiny, those are normally found under the category called visas condor. You can look it up or you can PM me for more details on that. I realize it’s very discouraging and frustrating, but they’re just trying to do a security check for everyone’s safety. That doesn’t make it any easier. This is actually pretty helpful and explanatory. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_Advisory_Opinion http://hirschlaw1.com/information-on-administrative-processing/
  9. Here is yet another link giving an overview of administrative processing: http://hirschlaw1.com/information-on-administrative-processing/
  10. Well, as people comment on these forums, there is AP and there is AP. Meaning sometimes it's just bureaucratic processing (paperwork, stamps, preparation) and sometimes it entails much more extensive document and security checks. So It just depends on what "kind" of AP they are doing. It's a catch-all phrase for "more work is being done," without any indication to the petitioner/beneficiary of the kind of work being undertaken.
  11. It's somewhat old, but I found a recent article reiterating the same points. Also, the explanation on the original link is exceedingly clear. If you would like to see the more current discussion, it's a lawyer telling other lawyers how to deal with the immigration issues which arise in visa applications; it's not particularly easy to read for someone whose native language is not English, or for someone who doesn't understand what audience he is speaking to and all the acronyms and weird government terminology: https://www.soundimmigration.com/understanding-administrative-processing/
  12. I found this today and it’s actually pretty helpful and explanatory. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_Advisory_Opinion
  13. Can you tell me if they request social media handles do they also want the passwords to accompany them? Thanks.
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