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  1. Hey Steve... 

    Basit and I wanted to reach out to you and significant other to let you know were denied Mar 13th based on age difference and Facebook connection.  We also only had one visit, but nothing was said about that being a problem.  We also tried a visiting/business Visa right after and was denied.  As we search our next steps, we want you to know we are open to you for any questions you might have.  If you two are on Facebook, look us up... CaryLSnyder@aol.com & basitkhanb@gmail.com. Best of luck.

    1. steveblue


      Thanks for letting us know. I'm sorry about what happened, it's very scary dealing with Embassy so I don't know what to think. What plans do you have at this point?


      Best to you both.

    2. Pakyman


      How about chat?  I will say your visit to the embassy will be safe, don't worry.  Basit and I left our cell phones at the hotel and used another old phone programmed with phone numbers just in case we found ourselves in an emergency.  That phone we stored at the depot inside the shuttle area that takes you to your check in.  We can help you prepair... I think we could be friends.  With my other half being 9 hours ahead of my EST of 8pm, I can usually catch him beginning around 9-9:30pm or it can be a weekend too.  I would say your interview date may fall in the next 2-3 weeks. Take care.

      Cary & Basit


      P.S... I've been in the dog house over giving you a wrong email for Basit.  It will have same email name, but only when using yahoo.com.  Look us up on messenger.

  2. steveblue

    Pakistan — K-1 Single Meeting?

    Thank you all for your advice on this. It looks like a 2nd meeting would be advisable so we will do what we have to do.
  3. steveblue

    Pakistan — K-1 Single Meeting?

    Can anyone tell me if a single meeting is sufficient for the K-1 approval from the Islamabad Embassy/ I met my beneficiary for 3 weeks but a second trip to strengthen our case is a financial burden. Do you have experience or advice on this matter? Thank you.
  4. Does anyone have up-to-date knowledge (2019) whether the petitioner can attend the K-1 interview along with the beneficiary at the Islamabad Embassy? Does this help the beneficiary's case at all? If attendance is possible, is the petitioner questioned, too, or is s/he made to stand apart and not participate? Also, can the petitioner enter the Embassy without an appointment?