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  1. Just wait for the letter from uscis only that letter will explain the actual reason....
  2. Hru brother m from karachi...can u show the revocation letr ...what reason thy gv to revoke??
  3. Okyy plz infrm when u gt any news.... Thanks
  4. No cousion marriage....my husbnd marital status was written married it should b divorced...infect dc also submitted...
  5. But we provided everything...and in interview thy said there is mistake in ur mc...after 13months of interview they returned our case and after 1yr we got noir and now waiting for their decision :(... If they reject at uscis stage or nvc so we r not suffering what we r suffer now...
  6. Goodluck...again from Pakistan??
  7. When u recived??and ur service center... Can u show the letter??if convenient... Thanks...
  8. Then why uscis approved wrong or ineligible petition?? If they reject at their stage it may safe so much time money frustration and much more 😞
  9. Sorry...but y due to this process?? i really feel bad... u got noir??
  10. Hi...can u show ur revoked lettr...if convenient to u.. Thanks.
  11. Plz show ur noir so it ll help others and u ll get close answers.. Thanks
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