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  1. Hi and thanks for sharing much details. usually marriage and fiancé based immigration cases goes through very strict scrutiny throughout the world; so same applies in your situation that you might be aware. consular officer usually never ask casual questions because they thoroughly review each immigration case before scheduled interview to identify any potential red flags, or grey areas. to best of my knowledge as i'm not a expert, visa officer thoroughly review and ensure from every aspect that your case does not fall under potential human trafficking, or marriage based fraud, plus they might figure out that how much time you both spent together after engagement/marriage including your joint activities (i.e. time as living together, travelling together, financial benefits / records / payments, family reunions, messages/communication records, and joint celebrations etc.). assuming you both have all necessary records as I mentioned earlier, so you need to wait till 180th day, but meanwhile do follow-up every 30th day with US consulate through website, stay humble and polite, consider US consulate Islamabad may dealing with increased interviews traffic and case processing of different neighboring countries along with Pakistan in COVID pandemic with limited staff. Meanwhile your senator could be beneficial in follow-up scenario. if you can afford then, consider to discuss your situation with consultant at argovisa.com, they might able to shed some light as what potentially your case is going through. you can subscribe to their youtube channel as well in case a video might help you as well, but consider I have no direct or indirect affiliation with anyone nor i'm subject matter expert. expert discussions always helpful to determine your unique scenarios and situations, so once you feel more than 180 days are passed without much progress then you can take advice from experts. meanwhile, don't stress out and be optimistic and enjoy your relationship together. good luck.
  2. correct, while these 4 year so much is changed. These days AKU online submit medical to US embassy and do necessary vaccination before interview. good luck for mother and whishing you success all the way along.
  3. w'salam, first of heartiest congratulations for receiving well deserved email and whishing you good luck with expedite processing of visa. i) My Question do they send the old passport back to the applicant when renewing the passport? ans: you need to request old passport back and send new documents ASAP without delays because your chances of expedite processing will be earliest. ii) how do you submit the medial back to embassy? ans: i'm not sure from which city you belong (i.e. islamabad, lahore or karachi) but nowadays medical is directly sent from authorized panelist to embassy and you don't need to carry reports. also your reports to carry to USA will be given right away which you don't need to carry to embassy. hope you got answers of your queries, best of luck. best,
  4. there could be many reasons that they are asking information once again and one of the most likely reason could be that they lost your file or evidences so asking all stuff once again. but i'm not sure.
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