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  1. And did you get a letter in the mail? It was just a letter saying they received my application but at the bottom it describes that the letter is in fact an extension on your EAD
  2. You got to apply 90 days before you EAD expires and use the USCIS form
  3. I sure did , I got my extension letter , but I have since received my green card so it cancels the extension out
  4. Thank you for the info! Let’s hope they just approve the AOS interview instead of the EAD, saving more paperwork!
  5. Awww ok got ya! So my renewal is just pending from march? That clears up a lot of confusing information haha thank you
  6. In March 2019 as my EAD expired aug 2019. Then they sent me the paper with a 180 days extension to take me to feb 2020
  7. Hi, I don’t know where to post this so sorry if it’s in the wrong forum. I had my AOS interview , from arriving here on a k1. The interview took place 3 weeks ago. I already have a 180 day extension for my EAD which expires in feb 2020. Am I allowed to request a new valid EAD before February Incase I am still waiting for an outcome on my interview? If so when would be best to apply? I already submitted an inquiry into my AP application which hasn’t been assigned to an officer yet . So just wondering if anyone knows anything about it?
  8. Same , I had my interview Aug 23 in Orlando. Status still says interview scheduled and that’s all I have , some people get approvals in the same day or night . I’ve been waiting 4 weeks since and nothing has happened .
  9. Should I be worrying that it’s been nearly a month? And nothing ?
  10. Still nothing 😞 I hope they are just slow in updating the systems
  11. Thank you I’m just over here obviously over thinking lol Hope so! Thank you
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