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  1. MSC, nothing after initial filing. Not following the status.
  2. Its in the news release linked in first post. 24 months from harr copy green card expiry date.
  3. Finally I can also reply to my own started topic. I also got the 24 month extension letter today. Timeline: i751 applied in Oct 2020, 18 months letter received in Nov 2020. Moved cities, changed address online & by paper multiple times, but this 24 month letter was still sent to old address. Otherwise no updates on case yet.
  4. Yes, I also think same. But at same time, the keyword might be eligible. Inserting that word instead of saying all or even saying simply, conditional residents, means there is some internal criteria. Overall over the internet, I have come across one person who's 18m letter expired in August, and he received his 24m letter in October (which again will expire in Feb, its 24m from GC expiry). The second one was a LIN filer with i751 filed in Feb 2021. He had an original 18m letter, and today he received another 24m letter. All other reports of 24m letter are ones who received it as a first letter.
  5. Note that contrary to many messages in this thread, if OP's i751 is pending, he can't do an i90 to replace green card. Conditional Green Cards can not be replaced once the validity is 6 month or less. i751 pending means gcard is already 3 months validity or less. The only way now is to get infopass appointment, and then to get an i551 stamp on passport.
  6. They certainly worded their notification in that way, saying all who had 18 months letter, will automatically receive 24 months; but at the the following thread, nobody with 18m letter has responded yet with any new 24m letter. All reports are from fresh i751 filings getting 24m letter. USCIS Notification: https://www.uscis.gov/newsroom/alerts/uscis-extends-evidence-of-status-for-conditional-permanent-residents-to-24-months-with-pending-form VJ Thread asking about 24m letter:
  7. I always had more luck using this exact status tool from USCIS: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/displayLogon.do Its an official USCIS web tool, has email & sms notifications too (although I have activated both; have received none) It needs USCIS account; & it always have history/timeline of statuses. Note that sometimes after you login, the URL changes. If that, after login, click this URL again.
  8. All, this is a good time to see n update any of the progress in the sheet 751 ROC Removal Google Sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13RCTakDzgWAidVNgroLIjgVsgg4RpMhvHo531eS0S0M/edit#gid=0
  9. Plenty of us here with no updates after the initial extension letter..
  10. Hi all, as per following news release, anybody who has filed ROC i751 till Sept 4th will receive a new 24 month long validity extension letter (counting from green card expiry date). https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-extends-evidence-of-status-for-conditional-permanent-residents-to-24-months-with-pending-form Lets report here when we receive this one. Copy the following text; & fill in your details. i751 filed on: green card expired on: n400 filed? (Yes/No): new extension letter i797 recieved date: First 3 of Receipt Number (MSC/LIN/IOE etc) Thanks
  11. Street name should be ST. If still that line is longer, move Apt 2 to next line.
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