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  1. Thanks for the Hand written idea; & Yes, I know the city, so I will write whatever information I have. I will write Unknown where it is unknown. You have been a great help. Might be a stupid question, but children x 5, Interpreter, preparer; all of these have 10-12 sections asking for everything, should I just write N/A in first box, I don't need to repeat N/A 15 times for each one of them right (for First Name, Last Name, Middle, Street, Age, Relation, Company, Address, etc.)
  2. Thanks, So I can type N/A in Spouse's address, Children's names, Interpreter, Preparer's names right?
  3. Hi All, So, two years are going to be completed of my GC, & I need ti file i-751. I have collected all the proofs, assembled all of my package as per USCIS instructions & as explained here on VJ. My questions are about the answers on some of the things on form i-751 itself. I am filing single, based on termination of marriage by Divorce, good faith. No attorney, so I am leaving the top part of page 1 empty. Part 1 has my name. Its also asking my other used names, I never used anything else, so should I type N/A or should I leave it blank? Part 1, Item 13, Marriage End Date, Divorce is still in proceedings, so I am leaving this End Date empty. Part 3, I am ticking item 1.d (Good Faith Marriage, ended). Part 4, Info about Spouse, she is not going to sign this, but I am still typing her name, dob, & ss number. Correct? I dont have her address, so I am leaving it empty. Part 5, Childern, we had none, so I am typing N/A in each children's section (total 5). Right? Part 7, I am ticking item 1.a, saying I understand all this petition & English. Item 3 is Day Time Telephone, I have mobile only, I am leaving Telephone empty but writing Mobile in Item 4. Correct? Ite 6a & b, I am signing & dating. Part 8, Spouse's Acknowledgement, I am leaving everything empty, because its a single file petition. Part 9, Interpreter, again all empty, because I am NOT using any. Same with Part 10, Preparer, all empty, none used. Am I doing all this above correct? If not, what should I do to fill that section correctly? Thanks.
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