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  1. I think first you go to your congressmen or senator and send this query to USCIS via them so that they answer your representative and if they yes then this will be the best thing.
  2. You have a good point we can try for that but in the courtesy letter it’s written to wait until and unless either you got a RFE or you got the interview letter so I think we can contact our congressmen or senator so that they can enquirer on our behalf that since the USCIS is slow can they waive out the interview and send an RFE for medical so that we can have our green card for sooner.
  3. Dear Freind I have a question during your green card interview has they asked about your divorce decree if yes had you submitted the visa officer in interview what was his reaction
  4. Yes you are right that the people who applied after approval got there green card with out interview but any way we can hope that the same thing can be done to our case as well and that why I am suggesting to contact the senator or congresss man. Moreover I got the courtesy letter in April but it was never updated on the website
  5. there are certain people who got there green card with out interview recently so I got the courtesy letter in the month of April 2020 still waiting I think since it’s the time of uncertainty we can always contact the senator or congressman since they cab enquirer on our behalf
  6. Yeah that’s the reason the Newyork has a time of more then 1 year but please contact your senator or congressman they will definitely help you
  7. Which state are you in if you are in New York Illinois or Houston the wait time is quite high but if you are in some other area please immediately contact your senator or congressman so that they can inquire on your behalf
  8. Have you send a address change request or any other letter to the USCIS
  9. Dear Kersac so I have a question that have you already applied both c31 and c09 along-with I-131 Moreover if yes have you paid the fees of 410 altogether for both c09 and c31. and you have revived the notice of action as well is these are 3 receipts Ie for c09 c31 and I-131.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/24/politics/uscis-immigration-citizenship-furlough/index.html I got this article hope this will not affect the green card interviews
  11. Dear freinds yesterday I was on job and there is a big gun robbery the police came after robbery I have a police report as well Moreover later on I went to the hospital for check up since I have minor injuries since I have no insurance the hospital authorities are asking to pay the bill via emergency Medicaid or via charity so I have a question since my VAWA is approved will this be a public charge
  12. Dear friends If got the courtesy letter does it mean that the case is transfer to the local office or still in the NVC.
  13. So if somebody add the protective order language in the final decree and both parties sign will this be a good option
  14. Have you and your suppose both sign the decree moreover have your VAWA case was already approved what’s the proof of abuse you provided to USCIS
  15. Are you still married or divorce if divorce what kind of decree you have the simple divorce decree where both of you have to sign
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