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  1. @da95826 hello 👋 thank you so much for your advice! I’m going to go to the attorney now and get the other original one 🤦‍♀️. I’m not sure why did they sent 2 tho since I only sent the attorney 680.00$ and when he sent it the second time to the correct address he told me he was gonna stop the first check he sent. Well it’s on him anyway! do you think I’ll have issues traveling abroad to see my family since I have 2 receipt letters? The thing is I don’t trust them seriously they are so incompetents it would not surprise me if they withdraw the right one! 🤦‍♀️
  2. @Bob in Boston Hello, That’s what I was thinking. How come they sent me two letters if they were only supposed to cash one check? Because when the attorney refilled told me he was gonna cancel the first check. So if he did why did they sent 2 letters? Well I only sent him 680 if anything he’s responsible for the second one since they’re the one who made the mistake. Bunch of incompetents 🤦‍♀️
  3. Hello everyone, This is a weird question since my attorney and his team are just useless at this point. So previously my attorney's assistant sent my I751 package to the wrong USCIS address and filed another packet right away to the correct USCIS address. Few days after she filed I received my extension letter for 18 months. Then today I received another extension letter with a different case number. I contacted my attorney and obviously he was not available to talk but his assistant told me that they will withdraw the last extension letter with USCIS and I should use the first one I received to travel. I do not really trust them!!! Will there be any issue if they withdraw this last letter? Has anyone ever been in the same situation? I was hoping to go home and I am now scared that they might deny the whole case when I am abroad for the incompetence of the attorneys and I feel stuck here. If I do not go home now to see my parents then I do not know when I could ever go 😔. I did not received any biometric appointment yet
  4. @Locito Hello! Did you call immigration once you were back from the vacation or as soon as you get the letter before going to visit your family? I received my extension recently but did not receive my biometrics yet. this is so annoying. And I was thinking to stay 3 weeks at home or longer so I could celebrate my birthday there too. thank you in advance 😀
  5. @Figtrees hello, It is a good idea to get it just in case, you are entitled to get it anyway 🙂 and I know how you feel I wish they did things faster so we do not have to suffer and get anxious so much 🤯 Hope you hear great news soon 🤞
  6. @Figtrees hello, I just got an extension too and I hope they send me the biometric appointment soon 😞 Anyway, you can travel abroad and see your family especially if you the biometrics already then you won’t have the issue that they are gonna schedule it while you’re outside the country. Your extension is an extension of your GC it’s valid for traveling, working etc together with your expired GC. You don’t need an emergency to get the stamp in your passport since you need that stamp pretty much to do anything even renewing your driver license for example. They are going to let you get the stamp just tell them your extension is expiring soon and you need the stamp to prove you’re legal here. Good luck 🍀
  7. Hello @DaveAndAnastasia thank you for your prompt reply! I actually need to take back everything I said about my attorney lol. This is an Update for everyone: after I posted this I received a phone call from the attorney assistant saying that she just received my I-797 extension mail 😟 I was shocked since they literally filed my case last week. -My case was received on 7-23-21 in Phoenix AZ -today 7-28-21 I received my I-797 extension letter. -Location San Diego (CA) -Filing I-751 waiver I’ll keep posting for updates and I wish everyone a speedy process 🙏
  8. Hello everyone, my attorney filed my I751 with a waiver on Thursday July 22 with FedEx next day delivery and USCIS received it on July 23 2021. I am in San Diego (CA). Is there anyone who filed in June this year or beginning of July in California that have already received the extension letter? And also how long is it taking for the biometric appointment? I don’t trust my attorney at all and I am scared he might have messed up something. I’m going to let him go once I receive my biometric appointment. Help I need to travel outside the country. Thanks in advance and good luck to you all folks ❤️
  9. @USC4SPOUSE and lol sorry one last question 😅 so you didn’t have any problems with receiving all the USCIS mails at your mailing address instead of the physical? thanks in advance 🙏
  10. @USC4SPOUSE Hi 👋 well I’m not sure to be honest. My friend left and she told me I could take over her apartment if I wanted. So I did. But if I find something bigger by October I’ll move if not I’ll stay here till I find something that’s why I was gonna change it since I will be here for a while I guess
  11. Thank you so much @USC4SPOUSE Do you think I will have any issue or delays in receive my mails because of that? I want to keep my old house as mailing address as I am not going to stay in this new apartment for long probably and there is always someone I know in the previous house who will tell me when mails arrive. I heard USCIS is pretty slow at updating addresses but hopefully everything will be ok. Thank you so much
  12. Hello everyone, I am about to file for removal the condition of residency. I recently moved to a new place but I would like my mails to get to my previous home as there is always someone that I know to collect them. I am not sure how long I am going to be in this new apartment probably not long so I was wondering if I should write this new address as my physical address in the form I751 since I am not even going to get my mails here. What do you think? Do you think it will cause me problems if I do not change my physical address with USCIS? I am just worried that having a physical address different from my mailing one will cause further delays. Thank in advance! Filing on Monday 😃
  13. Hello Everyone, finally my attorney is about to file for the removal of my condition of residence. I have some questions for those who already been through it. how long do they take to call for a biometric appointment? Can it be rescheduled? And also, can we see if they are mailing us an appointment notice for biometric or not in the USCIS website if we insert the case number of the first receipt we’re going to receive (like extension receipt)? I wanna go home on vacation but I wanna make sure I don’t miss the appointment notice! thank in advance everyone
  14. @Timona I agree with @Mike E it is better to file as soon as you can to avoid delays and just to make sure that if something happens there is enough time to fix the mistake. He’s not going to be rejected there is a calculator on the uscis website who tells you the first day you can file. I would have already filed if he depended by me. Besides their attorney seems more knowledgeable and professional than mine definitely since he/she is prioritizing their case and not letting them missing the dead line like mine is doing. Anyway I am pisses that I waites so much for nothing 😞
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