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  1. Do u mean my husband cant add me on his insurance and k1 and have to wait for the ead before he can do so? We will open a bank account, thats not even possible until i get my employment id?
  2. Thanks. I also saw the thread discussion about it. Again thanks!!
  3. Hi, What is the advantage of applying for SSN using the maiden name? I havent applied yet and im married. We thought its better so we do not need to change it after marriage.
  4. Hi, I am now in the US and just recently got married. Can anyone help me wirh what we shoukld do next. What are the things that we should ready to file the adjustment of status ,EAD and advance parole. Could anyone be kind enough to enumerate the things needed or give me a sample of the paperworks. We need to file as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!!!
  5. MB and MG


    Thanks for all responses.. Glad to have found this group. I have my visa and cfo sticker on my passport. We have booked a flight as well.
  6. MB and MG


    Her sister has a landline. Can i use that instead?
  7. MB and MG


    Oh really.. I thought they will still verify the number.. I will do what u said.. Thanks..
  8. MB and MG


    Yeah.. I know but it wont let me complete and save the form when i tried to register to make an appointment.
  9. MB and MG


    Hi. Just want to ask if the landline number for me and my fiancè is really required on the form. We both dont have one.. None of my neighbors have as well. He said that he doesnt have also.. What should we do?
  10. Hi, Mine has status changes from Immigrant-Ready to Non Immigrant AP then Issued since 09/30. Up until now the status is Issued. Im going to track my passport maybe tom or the day after that. Hope we all get our visa hazzle free.. Are you done with CFO?
  11. Hi,


    I know it was so long ago but could you please recall if you had a problem when u first got ur K1 visa,? I read from the old post that you did not indicate your middle name in the ds-160. Did you have a problem with the visa?

  12. MB and MG


    Im now relaxed😰. Lol.. Thanks again.
  13. MB and MG


    I will. Thanks.. If the visa has my middle name, it wont be necessary for me to correct the ds-160, correct?
  14. MB and MG


    I didnt indicate my middle name in the ds-160 just my first and last name.. But during the interview when the CO asked my name i gave her my full name.. First, middle and last. Its true, there is nothing i can do at this point until i get the visa. I will update you once i hear something and ill ask your advise again.. This has been stressful for me but my fiancé told me to just relax.. A million thanks to all of your help
  15. MB and MG


    I have a middle name in my passport.. When i filled out my ds -160 , it says given name so i just wrote my first name.. I just realized now that the middle name should be included in the given name while reading posts here.. My problem is what if they did not see it as well. What will happen? My visa will not match with my passport.. What should i do.?
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