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Found 28 results

  1. I’m sure there are many people on here impacted by the US - Canada border closure. I am a permanent resident living in the US however I am only 30 minutes from the Canadian border and prior to the border closure I went up to Canada very frequently to visit my family. The border being closed to non essential travel for the forseable future has really taken a negative toll on my mental health what with being separated from family until who knows when. What Makes the situation more frustrating is I live in a very very rural area and am currently seeing hardly anyone and my family who I would visit is also in a very rural area (on a farm) and so we are at a low risk of spreading the virus. I am wondering if anyone is in a similar situation? I wish there were exceptions to the rules. I understand they don’t want a huge influx of travelers, shoppers and tourists but I don’t feel like I’m a threat when I would only visit my family and be quarantined there. Is there anything I can do about this?
  2. I made a group for those who are pending interview in Montreal Consulate for F2A visa category. My case has been Documentarily qualified/case completed April 4th, 2019.
  3. Creating a post for 2017 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, please share your PDs and any further actions going forward.
  4. Hi, I'm currently applying for Adjustment of Status and my I-765 is highly overdue, and I have a job offer for a summer job that wants me to start filling out forms. Now I know I'm not allowed to work until I get my work authorization approved however I've been waiting since Late July of Last 2019, There was a bit of a hold up with one RFE that I sent in last month however I've heard nothing since. I was wondering if I was allowed to fill out the tax information like the W-4 without getting into trouble, I wouldn't start working until the 13th of June so I have a lot of time but I didn't know if that would make me ineligible if I give my to-be-employer my information to be ready by then. I think I'll get my I-765 approval by then but I don't want to jeopardize my application. Basically I'm asking weather if giving my would-be-employer the necessary information for them to be ready to employ me would harm or make me ineligible in my immigration process. Cheers, Hamish
  5. Anyone please let me know what is the current approval date for I-130 F2A in California Service center.. Thanks in Advance......
  6. Creating a post for 2018 I-130 filers for spouses of permanent residents, please share your PDs and any further actions going forward.
  7. So my Russian wife and stepdaughter want to vacation with me in Europe ( Italy , UK, France ) , but they need Schengen visas . They only have temporary green cards and work permits currently . My stepdaughter is 17 and has very little contact with her dad . Do we honestly need paperwork from him authorizing her to travel to Europe with us ? She got stuck and detained in Russia already once because her outdated letter from a judge showing he forgave his custody to her was evidently “too old “ and it cost her a missed flight and “$1700” to get a new flight and new letter from a judge authorizing her to leave Russia without her father . Can we do all the schengen paperwork ourselves without her father , or do we need all the notarized , certified letters showing he gave up all custody of her in order for her to travel with us ? All the letters are in Russian , which means they are worthless without a certified translation . We just want to travel for once without issues .
  8. Hi! I am a lawful permanent resident at the moment and will be filing my citizenship this May 2020. Also, I am getting married in the Philippines this April 2020. I am planning to petition my then spouse after I take my oath and get my certificate of naturalization. I need an advice whether to change my last name or not on my marriage certificate to be filed in the Philippines. Would this cause conflict when I apply for my citizenship? Should I just wait for my citizenship application to legally change my name? If so, what would be the effect of this when I petition my spouse after obtaining my citizenship knowing that my legal name would already be different from what is on the marriage certificate. Please help.
  9. Hello everyone, my mother is a legal permanent resident and she does not work, my sister will also be my sponsor and lives with my mother. I know that my mother should fill out the I864 form but my sister which form should fill out, I864 or I864a ? My priority date is February 23, 2015. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I just received my conditional green card about a month ago through marriage (from F1) and wanted to know it I’m considered now a California and thus eligible for in state tuition or do I have to live here for a certain amount of time. I moved to California exactly a year ago. Thanks you in advance!
  11. Hello, I am a permanent resident since 2011. In 2015 I was charged with possession of Marijuana 0.5 grams tiny bit in North Carolina. Charge was a misdemeanor my attorney got voluntary dismissal (VD) from the attorney I didn’t have to go to court or anything. It was dismissed with no conviction. I did community service prior to my trial date. In 2016 my charge was expunged. I have the expungement that says less than 1/2 ounce charge was expunged. Now in October 2019 I am trying to apply for citizenship filling N-400. I am worried if my charge will deny my citizenship. In April 2020 it will be 5 years since I was charged. I understand waiting 5 years is a good idea, but I really want to be a US citizen it’s almost 5 years. That’s the only offense I have in my life time. Should I Go ahead and apply for citizenship. Will there be an issue on interview? Please help I appreciate all the responses. In my n-400 I am going to say yes I was charged yes I was arrested although I was allowed to leave the scene after getting citation like speeding ticket and no I was not convicted.
  12. Hi Everyone, Sponsor: Father Co-Sponsor: Relative Beneficiary: Underage son Location: Ciudad Juarez Urgent advise. My parents(PR) in law yesterday, 18-Jul, went to an interview to the US consulate in Ciudad Juarez for her son, minor. On the interview, my mother was asked to submit an i864A and taxes for the last year. She didn't have them because throughout the process it wasn't required since the sponsor, father, and co-sponsor was enough to cover the financial requirement. Anyways, her son was rejected due to this reason under 212(a)(4). She was told to submit the documents within the same day and perhaps next day she will get a response from immigration. Yesterday, the 18th, she submitted all the documents required via the consulate instructions. Looks like the consulate will receive the documents today, the 19th. Is it true what the immigration officer told her, they review those type of documents immediately and get a response within a day? The reason why we're worried is because she is in Juarez, and that is not her home, so she'll have to pay more days of hotel and delay flights. Any experiences? By the way, I should also mentioned that her was was approved for an expedited appointment like a month ago. I don't know if that helps.
  13. A friend from a foreign country has been working at a consulate office for his country here in Chicago since 2010. He has since gotten married (to someone from his country) and brought her here on his A-2 (diplomatic workers & family) visa. They had a child who is a US Citizen and carries a US passport two years ago. In other ways, they do not own property here and the child hasn't started school yet. They have just learned that their A-2 visas will become non-renewable in 2021 due to a new rule in their country or the US. In any case, they'd like to stay. He says his coworker is doing an adjustment of status from A-2 to green card, but he has older kids and owns a home. His country is not at war, there are no other asylum-related issues or concerns about safety if he returns to his country. He just feels this is a better place to raise his child and has already established a home, family, and friends here. I can't see any cause for adjustment since the section 13 requirements do not apply. Has anyone heard of such a case or seen any success in this type of adjustment? I'm happy to help him submit all his documents, but I feel like it might be wasted money if they'll never approve it.
  14. I have received a notice of action saying that my status has been extended for 18 months after I applied for the " removal of conditions I751 form, after acquiring my green card thru marriage. It does not tell to do anything else. I'd like to know what's the next step, should I contact USCIS? Or should I wait for instructions in the mail?
  15. Hi All, My husband came here on a K-1 visa in April 2017. We filed for his adjustment of status in December 2017. My questions are: 1) He had a medical examination in Feb 2017 in his home country. Does that expire after so long? I am asking because in the letter giving us our interview date it says to make sure he has the i-693 completed. 2) I speak Spanish... do I count as the interpreter for my husband or do I need to hire a Spanish speaking interpreter for my husband's interview. 3) We rent from my mom but don't have that written down legally... Therefore we don't have anything jointly besides a savings account. Is this going to be a problem? We do have a son together but no like bills or anything. 4) Can someone (the more people the better) who has been approved send me a copy of their interview checklist? Also I don't know how to change it but I am not at the California Service Center... I am at the Seattle one. Idk if that makes a difference for the answers.. Thank you!!
  16. Hi group, I have been to US multiple times on L1 and recently on H1b visas. I am now married to a US GC spouse and have read online about EAD, I-130, Naturalization etc etc. I found that none of the sites covers the questions I have for my case. Here is my case and my queries - 1. I was working in US on H1b till Jan 2019 when I and my GF decided to get married in India in Jan 2019. We were suppose to travel back to US but unfortunately due to change in my organization, I have lost my client job. 2. We waited for sometime expecting my employer to resolve the situation but it did not happened. Since my wife's 6 months outside US were about to get over, she has traveled back to US this week. 3. I will like to know what next steps should I take to reach US and start working again. Queries - A. Can I travel to US on visitor visa, apply and receive a EAD and start working? B. If my wife applies for my GC process, can I get an EAD while living in India? C. Couple of sites suggested that it will be faster if my wife applies for citizenship - it is still take 1 year. I will like to know if there is a faster way? Thanks a lot in advance.
  17. This month marks my 5-year anniversary of permanent residency. I am a January 2019 N-400 Filer but heard nothing since my Biometrics. I am wondering if you guys applied for your N-400 as soon as you were eligible or if you waited a long time before doing it. What motivates you do become a US Citizen? Will you be able to keep dual citizenship or are you renouncing to your birth citizenship? Please share your stories, thank you!
  18. Hello. I recently filed my I-90 to replace my permanent resident card. I filed on April 1st 2019. I then received my NOA on April 6, 2019. After receiving that i checked online to see that they have scheduled my biometrics appointment. It instructed me to check in the documents tab for the date, time,etc. However, it wasn't there so it says in that case wait a few days for it to show up. So now I'm waiting. I just feel like this whole process is going faster than expected? Is this usual? Have any of you experienced this fast process?
  19. Hello. I recently lost my vital documents. I have been a permanent resident since 2005 and my GC is not supposed to expire till 2025. I filed for a GC replacement this week but received a job offer and need to work. I know that USCIS issues I-551 stamps on unexpired passports but what can i use to show legal status if i do not have a passport right now. Am i able to show my Notice of Action to my employer? Please help! Thank you.
  20. Hey Guys, I would really appreciate if anyone can provide an authentic link/document which has the information below: One can stay in the US while being pending AOS without having any other valid status? EAD for Pending AOS can be renewed several times until a decision is made?
  21. Hi, I will be filing for US citizenship soon and just wanted to know few things. I am currently working 2 full time jobs. I am paying taxes for both the Jobs. As I work from home it is easy to manage both the jobs. As both the jobs are full time permanent jobs I get paid on the basis of job and not on the basis of hour. Below are my questions: 1. Will it be a problem if I put both jobs on n-400 form in part-8 2. Is having 2 full time job bad in the eyes of USCIS. Thanks
  22. Hi Everyone! It's time for me to submit Form I-751 to remove the conditional status on my permanent resident status. When I married my husband, we applied for me to get my green card, but since we hadn't been married 2 years yet, my permanent residency was conditional. Well, my husband and I are still happily married. However, he got an amazing training opportunity in Washington D.C. so he has moved there for the 2-3 years that his training will take. I cannot move with him at the moment because my career is in Los Angeles. I am an actress and currently have a three year contract with an agency and a manager team. Rather than making one of us give up on our dreams right now, we decided we would be bicoastal for these 2-3 years, see where each of our careers take us, and at the end of his training decide whether he would come back to LA and or if I would move to D.C. In the mean time, I am traveling to D.C. or he is traveling to LA every month and a half so we can see each other. Though our current situation is unconventional, we are still very much in a real marriage. Does anyone have any experience submitting a Form I-751 without joint residency with your spouse? If so, did you guys write a letter explaining why? and how did you guys write your cover letter to list the proof showing that you guys are still together despite the distance. At the moment we have the following evidence: -Joint bank account - Joint medical insurance -Joint car insurance -Taxes filed jointly, Federal and State -Both are owners of my car -Affidavits from 3 friends -Photos of our travels together and life together -Boarding passes of travels to see each other -Contracts from agency showing that I have to based in LA -Information about his training showing that he has to be in D.C.
  23. Hello, I want to know If I'm able to join the military with 1 year valid 1-551 stamped passport. When I got here, immigration officer(?) said that I should wait for 5 to 6 months to get my green card. and he said that I can use the stamped passport as a green card for 1 year. Here's my question, I wanna join the Army or Airforce as fast as I can. but on the internet the recruit center requires green card for enlisting. Can I join the military with a passport stamp which proves my legal state before getting the green card?? Thanks for your information.
  24. When USCIS sends a notice for the Citizenship (N-400) interview, does it list the things you will need to bring with you to the interview? If not, what do you all recommend to bring to the interview? Applied under the 5 years permanent resident status category.
  25. Hi, i’ve been freaking out lately. When I was 18 I applied for a California state ID, and I was asked to register to vote, which I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do. I used those machines at the dmv to register and I don’t remember if whether or not I have claimed to be a US Citizen. I will be able to apply for citizenship around 2019, and i’ve been stressed out from reading other people’s posts and how I could get deported. What should I do?
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