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Found 11 results

  1. I made a group for those who are pending interview in Montreal Consulate for F2A visa category. My case has been Documentarily qualified/case completed April 4th, 2019.
  2. Dear VisaJourney forum users, I have been reading chats for days, and firstly, I would like to say I am impressed by the quality of the pieces of advice and shared experiences I have found on here. This is the BEST US Immigration forum I have found til this day :) I would like to receive your advice & guidance on the following topic please: My Case; I have been a US permanent resident since 2012. I first entered the U.S with a student visa (F1 if I remember well). After 4 years being a student I got sponsored by my ex wife in 2011, and got my Green Card this way. In April 2019 I went back to my native country (France) due to major personal & family issues. I did not file for a re-entry permit because my trip was temporary. I decided to extend my stay in France because my grandpa was dying from a brain tumor and was diagnosed with less than 12 months left to live, and I wanted to be there for the funerals and to be with my family. At the time my grand father passed away, I had been out of the country for about 10 - 11 months. This is when E. Macron, our President, declared the state of emergency and restricted the ins & outs of the country. Knowing I'd be in trouble to go back to the U.S later on, I filed a Returning Resident visa (SB-1). It took a very long time before I actually got an appointment with the U.S embassy based in Paris. My case got declared eligible, and after gathering all the requested pieces of evidence and taking the medical exams, I finally got an appointment for the second round of interview. Within less than 5 minutes the immigration officer denied my visa and gave me back my Green Card. I asked if I could make an appeal and/or go back to the U.S, and he told me it was not possible because of the denial. He said I failed proving of my intent of coming back before departing the U.S, so I assumed he meant I was accused of abandoning my permanent residency, which I of course contested. My petition for a Returning Resident visa (SB-1) was denied at the end of Feb. 2021. After the denial, I immediately started searching online to see if there would be a way for me to get back and challenge the verdict. I of course realized it is totally up to the CBP officer I'd have in front of me. Honestly I got scared because there is no guarantee I'd be let in, no matter what I do at a U.S port. of entry. In addition to the fear of rejection, the vaccine against the Covid-19 was mandatory to travel to Los Angeles and was mandatory to come back to France in case I'd be rejected at the POE. I finally got vaccined on Oct. 2021. QUESTIONS: 1) If I go back to L.A now, do you think I have a chance to enter the U.S even with a denied SB-1 visa on my records? 2) Do you think a CBP officer would let me in if I request a hearing before an immigration judge? 3) Do you think a CBP officer would let me in if I voluntarily sign a form I-407 in order to voluntarily abandon my permanent residency? 4) If I end up signing a form I-407, does it have any negative consequences later on if I ever petition for permanent residency again, and/or for naturalization purposes? 5) What would be the best strategy to do in my case? I thank you in advance for sharing your experience & knowledge with me. I already contacted 3 immigrations lawyers as soon as my SB-1 got denied, and none of them have been helpful. I can't wait to hear from you, kind regards, Anthony ~
  3. So My friend who is a permanent resident of USA petitioned his unmarried son and along with him is his both unmarried son and daughter who are no 18yr olds. Their NVC are now documentary approved and sent to US embassy manila waiting for F2B becomes available. Can one of the child be removed for now since he just had a child and doesnt want to leave his young baby alone. if so how do you do that? thanks
  4. My husband has been living in this country for 10 years after a k1 visa. His permanent resident card doesn’t expire for 4 more years, but since I'm sure everything is so backed up from covid chaos I’m trying to think ahead with some questions… Does anyone have advice to applying for citizenship or applying to renew the green card? Is there any reason that they would deny a renewal request? My husband doesn’t have any record of crime, but reading the guide on the website about denials was a little scary. Does applying for citizenship in USA force him to give up his native country's citizenship? Lastly, how early should I begin either process? I worry about his card lapsing between paperwork processing, but I don’t want to start too early either. Best, Sara
  5. I am a permanent resident and been living here in the US for 3 years. Just this week, I married a US citizen and decided to change my first name and last name. Do I need to update my green card as well or its okay not to. I will be filing my citizenship anyway after 2 more years. Another question, am I eligible to file us citizenship because I’ve been living here in the US for 3 years and now married to a US citizen? Or i still need to wait until my 5 years of residency? Thank you
  6. I've not been to the UK in over two years since I moved to the US, and I finally have planned a trip back to visit in October. I'm worried about returning to the US from the UK for this trip I have planned next month. Could they refuse my re-entry to the US? I've read all the UK rules and US (CDC) requirements, and feel ok about the steps I need to take. I am vaccinated (here in the US) and happy to take tests etc. However, I'm worried about returning to the US from the UK and any problems that might happen at the border/airport? The presidential order currently in place doesn't allow British Citizens to enter the US. I will be travelling on my UK Passport in my maiden name (we married in 2019 in US, I didn't get chance to update it yet due to COVID). I will take the marriage certificate with me, as well as my permanent resident card and US drivers license. Will this be enough proof? The order says that permanent residents and spouses of US citizens are permitted to enter the US. Surely this is applicable in my case?
  7. I got my 10 yr green card a few months ago through marriage. I met my spouse almost 8 years ago, and after being in a relationship for 4 yesrs or so, we got married. I got a conditional green card, but I got the condition removed and got my 10 year green card. My marriage has been rough since a few months before I got my condition removed, and now I really can't stand it anymore. 1) I now have the 10yr green card, but does a divorce afffect my immigration status in any way? My attorney told me that if the divorce has to happen, make sure it is not due to mu fault, but should be my spouse's. For example, even though I have the 10 yr GC, if I am the one who got violent, or even cheated on my spouse, and that was the cause of the divorce, it would look bad. My attorney said the divorce should be due to my spouse's, but I dont even think this is true. Can anyone clarify? No one in our marriage has cheated, but I want a divorce asap. 2) It has only been a few months since I got my 10yr green card. Would it be bad if I divorce too soon? 3) If one day I want a citizenship after 5 years from now, would my divorce become an issue?
  8. Hi, Been reading about the updates on visa processing and it seems like visa for my spouse might be classified as tier 4. For any one in this visa category, I would like to start a thread where we can track and share progress/updates. Regards Phil
  9. After staying overseas for about 8 months as a greencard holder during Covid19, should one still apply for a Citizenship? Add any foreseeable issues with that? Asking for a close friend. After questioning her upon return, they allowed her back in. I told her I would help her apply for her citizenship. She's been a permanent resident since 2016 via marriage. Your thoughts and tips/insight please....
  10. Hi all. I am a US citizen and my wife has her PR for over 12 years now. Our income recently went down and when I went to the healthcare.gov website to for the coverage exchange, they slotted us into the Medicaid category and sent us over to our state (NM) Medicaid agency. Later, after our application went through in December, I learned that there is a new definition "Public charge" rule now including Medicaid and that it could affect my wife's reentry into the US when traveling. We go to Mexico to see her family yearly. My questions are: 1) Anybody have experience or information on whether this should be an actual problem? 2) Any reason to believe that it will change back to previous definitions anytime soon under the new administration? 3) I believe that I can cancel her off the Medicaid program if need be - but is she already in trouble since she has been signed up? Anyone understand how the timing works? Is it - "if you have been a public charge anytime over the last x years" or is it just "currently"? 4) Anyone know how is USCIS is notified of Medicaid coverage ? This is the only public charge type of thing we have every " received" and would not have even considered it if the gov website had not sent us there. Thanks in advance! Steve
  11. Hello, I am a green card holder who applied for re entry permit while in the US in november 2019. I requested the document be delivered to the consulate in my home country. I did the biometrics then left the US end of December 2019. According to the online case status, my re entry permit was approved in April 2020 so technically speaking I'm allowed to stay out of the US for up to 2 years. Anyway so the case history shows that they tried to send to the consulate but for some reason it was not received and they sent it back. That was in August 2020. Now I have been in contact with my consulate and they said they haven't received it yet. My question is I need to travel to the US next week to visit my sick dad who is not allowed to fly under the current pandemic situation. I only have my GC and I have not been in the US since Dec 2019 (around 14 months in total). While I have been approved for the re entry permit, I never got the actual document. I do have the case history though that proves that I was approved for re entry. Any advice? Should I still try to travel? It's a long flight with my 1.3 yr old who is an American citizen. I am just afraid I would go all the way to the US to be sent back! Any advice would be appreciated?
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