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  1. I don't think anyone asked yet. So, where was your interview?
  2. Sorry. I pressed send 2 seconds before you posted. Thank you!
  3. Awesome! Please tell me more. How was it? Anything you would do differently?
  4. HELP! I'm in GEORGIA but my interview is in ALABAMA. Is this normal???
  5. Thank you! And no, I would go by USCIS processing times and notices not VisaJourney. While the data here is good, it is wholly incomplete and estimates change regularly. (edit) My appointment letters & something else were "late" based on my timeline, but within the USCIS threshold to wait before putting in a request. So double-check notices & adjust/don't sweat it.
  6. Just got a text: Interview is Scheduled! i am shaking.. afraid to go to the mail box .. happy.. scared.. excited.. Wohoo! I can't believe it's gone this quickly for us, I don't even have my folder ready.
  7. Yes, they should also email you a tracking # if i remember correctly.
  8. Yes. My updates were in that order, and i still got both my card & NOA2. The card just arrived first, don't worry.
  9. Depends on your phone carrier. Try logging into your online account, and search "phone logs" or something similar.. Google will guide you better depending on your provider. For T-Mobile it was roughly: Account >>History >> [type phone number] >>Enter. Then it pulled up 2 pages of all the calls & texts over the last 2 years, just dates & duration not content.
  10. It's really solid! I'd just leave out the text messages & emails --anyone can be ra0010'sMom@gmail.com & no one will read/flip through years of texts msgs. Maybe a call log of just your # with the date would be more prudent (T-Mobile & other carriers can do this). Put the pictures in an album (maybe label the back of each lightly: date & place) & paperclip or lightly tape a few cards into the album. That makes it much easier to flip through and get the full effect. Plus they can take what they want and you'll be able to see the gaps later. Everything else is pretty concrete. Much more than we have.. Good luck y'all!
  11. To piggyback off &Jco if you checked the social security box on your EAD application, it should take a few days to 1 or 2 weeks.
  12. Finally, it's all here... 10/08 - Case Filed 10/18 - NOA1 (mail 10/23) 01/02 - Biometrics 02/05 - EAD Card 02/07 - Social Security Card For those still waiting, my case updates were: EAD Only Timeline 10/08 - Case Filed 01/02 - Biometrics 01/30 - "Card is being produced" 01/31 - "I-765 Approval Notice Sent" 02/03 - NOA2 Recieved (4 days later) 02/05 - EAD Card Recieved (6 days later) 02/07 - SSC (2 days after EAD) Looking at it now, I know I am very lucky. It just feels like forever when you're waiting.. Hope it helps someone guage were they might be at the moment & all your cases speed up before April 15! Peace.
  13. Wow, you did good work. I got sucked into the American Highschool & College experience thinking I would go back.. Oh well, just 1 week more to wait. Your path is still majorly impressive though 😁
  14. That's awesome! How did you get your ssn as a student? I've been F-1 forever, but never learned how to drive and didn't manage to find a job in college. Both are bad stories and examples of parents aren't always right..
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