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  1. Hello All, I have a complex problem and I am trying to figure out the best way to deal with it. Background: My wife have been married for almost 3 years (6/28). My wife's green card expires (CIR-1) on (6/1). I'm in the process of applying for her I-751. She has two children, my step children, who still live in their home country. Ages 13 and 10. We didn't apply to bring them here initially because my wife wants to complete her nursing program first before she brought them here. This has taken more time than I originally expected due to her needing to go back and pass the GED and take ESL classes even though she is a Philippine college graduate and she is pretty fluent in English. Due to negligence at the Philippine consulate in Qatar, we ended up needing to use her maiden name ( passport ) on the visa. This passport expires in 2/2022. not close but not far way either. Dilemma: Money: As we all know these fees are quite burdensome and most of us look for any way we can to trim or combine things if possible. Time: Stepson's clock is ticking down. I want him to be able to attend US high school so he isn't hamstrung against joining the military like he wants to do. Stress: my wife is too worried about trying to juggle the kids, homemaker, studying and even some part time work, etc. Phil Passport - Green Card, SS number, in maiden name: Issue: I had hoped that once my wife obtained her USC after we file for her N-400 in July that we would be able to show her USC status to the embassy and obtain passports and citizenship for the kids while in their home country. After reading up on the N-600 page, the kids must be LPR's here in the US already to qualify. So now it comes down to how to optimize the filing process. Though process plan: We initially file for her I-751 and get that started. If we file for the kids I-130's before we file for her N-400 in June we can legally add the kids names to the N-400 form since it will not be processed in a year, before the kids arrive. From past experience bringing over step-kids, I have found their I-130's to be extremely fast tracked ( USCIS ~ 2months) and they were here within 6 months. Start to finish. This method saves us from having to file for the kids on the N-600. I am not sure on the cost for this form, I couldn't find a fee schedule on the form for it. Second idea: File the I-751 as normal. File the N-400 in July. Sometime after July but before she gets her citizenship apply for the kids I-130's. Most likely we won't be able to amend the N-400 to add the kids in time for a single process Most likely we will need to submit N-600 requests for the kids once both are present and wife is a USC. Q1: Any legal experts on this board that can tell me what we can and can't legally do in reference to adding the kids on her N-400 if they are not already in the USA. Q2: Would this cause the package to be denied if they weren't present and only she was? even if the kids were in the USCIS process stream, but not finished? Q3: Since they are too young to be required to take the oath of citizenship, I am wondering as long as they are in the process and unlikely to be denied due to their legitimate minor status, if this would be alright. Q4: any better solutions? Thanks for reading this book and commenting. Don
  2. My wife's 2yr GC expires on 6/1, so I am preparing to send out her I-751 pkg. Our 3 year anniversary comes up on 6/28, so I intend to apply for her N-400. Based on what I've read here and the current I-751 timelines posted, it seems that nothing happens for the first 5 - 6 months before things start rolling. Therefore, it seems like it would be beneficial to go ahead and file for her N-400 since we will only lose 3 months but gain more in the end. Is this a sound conclusion?
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