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  1. American is no longer a land of opportunity. Most of immigrant come to U.S with nothing in their hand. However, they working 2,3 jobs and get as much as education and become doctors, engineers, lawyers. Well,........
  2. Everyone must go to AP before visa can be issued. The main reason your AP can took a long time because where you come from.
  3. AP can took few weeks, few months, or even a year. Your family come from Pakistan, so be expected a long AP before visa can be issued.
  4. Look like something come up on your husband background check and family's history. In this situation, nothing your husband can do than waiting.
  5. K1 is not immigrant visa. Just wait few more days a try again.
  6. You should call NVC and ask for case number. NVC will create a case # when they received your case from USCIS.
  7. Look like you really lacking of evidence, but you only can submit what you have. Just go with anything you got right now and submit with a letter explain your current situation and why you don't have too much evidence.
  8. There is no waiver for N400. You need to work with your U.S spouse to see what is the problem. If your married is not work out and divorce is possible, then you have to withdraw your N400( 3 year rule) and wait until you eligible for 5 year rule.
  9. Look like you not study the instructions. Just submit the package again with the correct fee of 595+85=680.
  10. Apply N400 is a good ideal if your local office is not busy. For my wife, her local office is Dallas and N400 for Dallas office is around a year, so we will wait until I-751 done first before thinking about N400.
  11. Be aware that K1 is single entry visa and you can't leave U.S until you got AP in hand( 3-6 months waiting). K1 is a poor choice in your situation.
  12. How about asking your friend or relatives in Canada write a check and send it to you?
  13. You can live anywhere you want. That is one of the advantage of become U.S citizens.
  14. The problem is how you can board the airplane back to the U.S since the approved letter is not a valid travel documents?
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