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  1. Naturalization Based on Military Service During Wartime.
  2. You can't get away with 3/5 year rule because it's laws, even you enlist to active duty. It not just like you got GC on yesterday, then you enlist to Army next month and you can apply for n400.
  3. The first thing you must meets the 5 year requirement, then you will submit N400. After that, depends on circumstance you can requesting expedite your N400. It's impossible for you to get in active or reverse right now and get naturalized. Btw, with your education you can apply and get a job out there.
  4. Wedding pictures, pictures both of you on vacation, picture you spend time with her family on special events( Tet, 30/4-/15...etc).......
  5. There is no such thing like mingled finances since they live at different country. In addition, the OP will apply I-130 and will have to deal with US Embassy in Vietnam, so it will different from your country. To OP, you can send the chat log with no problem( when I'm send my i130 2 year ago, i send that also). Try to focus on evidences you spend time together.
  6. H&T

    Vietnam - I-130 for Parents

    There is no such thing like to notify Consular prior to interview for IR visa. After the interview and approved, the beneficiary will register the address for visa delivery with EMS staff inside the consular.
  7. [she is 47 now .... After High school] . The problem is right there. Possible the CO make the call base on your wife tax return, the surgery and [ ]. Support herself+ you with around 17k/year is way too low.
  8. - What is the background of your wife?: how old is she, is she working, what's her education?
  9. If you already done that, then you do not need to do anything since 2018 tax season not pass yet. However, be prepare to get a 2018 tax transcript of co-sponsor and send it to beneficiary and bring it to the interview( possible the interview will take place after 2018 tax season complete).
  10. the W2 itself is not enough. You have to submit the tax transcript or W2+ all tax schedule.
  11. Your attorney try to scared you to get more $$$?. After you file I-751, you will get the NOA1 and this NOA1 will extend your GC to another 18 months. You can using your expire GC+ this NOA1 to travel. I-751 only took 5-7 months before, but since USCIS too backlogs, so it took more than a year.
  12. The lawyer is useless. From now on it all on you.For Vietnam, you have to wait until US Embassy in Saigon get your package, and they will send you the P3 which included the instructions to schedule the interview. In addition, K1 visa is a touch one in Vietnam ( you better know why), so ask your fiance well prepared for it. Another note: if you can and you do care, flight to VN and go to the interview with your fiance.
  13. H&T

    N-400, Oath and Dual Citizenship?

    Don't panic, dual citizenship is normal and you will not lost your Canadian citizenship.