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  1. Our jobs laid us off as soon as Covid hit, we couldn't move back with no job.
  2. Exactly, and it expired while I was in Italy and we ended up having to stay due to Covid Thanks Dashinka, I did not. It all seemed very complicated and I just went back and re-read those threads and couldn't find any clarity. I do not understand what is the best way forward for us... and I-130?
  3. Thanks Dashinka, I did not. It all seemed very complicated and I just went back and re-read those threads and couldn't find any clarity. I do not understand what is the best way forward for us... and I-130?
  4. Hello everyone, In 2016 I moved from London (I'm an Italian citizen who lived in the UK) to the US on a K-1 visa and married my now husband in New York. We had our first child in 2018, and in August 2019 we decided to come to Italy for a long stay (6 months) to allow my parents to spend time with our child. A few months later Covid hit and we were unable to move back due to a new pregnancy and loss of job. This means that my green card expired and I wasn't able to renew it. Now we would like to move back to NYC with our children, however as I am the only one with no citizenship I was wondering what would be the best way forward to reapply to move back. We do not have any assets in the US and our only co-sponsor would be my mother in law, as my husband currently works here and does not own any property back in NYC. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Since my husband works in Italy and doesn't have any assets in the US, his mom will be our co-sponsor. Should her income level only be enough for me or for our household?
  6. Hello everyone! I recently posted as my husband and I are in the process of moving back to the US. A short intro: I moved to NYC from London (I'm an Italian citizen) in January 2017 with a K-1 Visa and got married to my US Citizen husband within a month. I got a conditional permanent resident green card, had our first baby in August 2018 and moved back to Italy in August 2019. We were meant to stay for only 6 months, but then due to COVID, work issues, and another pregnancy, we were forced to stay in Italy and I failed to remove conditions on my green card (which also was stolen along with my wallet a few months ago, so I do not have the physical one anymore but only copies of it). We are now gearing up to apply for an I-130 to re-enter the country, both our children are US Citizens as one was born in the US and the other one was registered at the US Embassy in Rome after her birth. My question is: as I am the only one that will in fact be immigrating as both my children and my husband are US citizens, will the I-864 still have to account for a household of 4? Or will I be the only one needing a sponsor? Thank you in advance for all your help!
  7. I do have all the info (I have a scan of my green card), but I believe that without a physical copy it’d be difficult to enter.
  8. We both work at a communication agency. We’ve always worked in the fashion industry. I’m a marketing and communication specialist/project manager and he is an art director and graphic designer. This is all very helpful! Thank you!
  9. Yes I thought so. My issue here is that we have high-paying jobs in Italy but our income here cannot be used on a I-864. We have no assets in America, therefore my husband would have to find a job before we go. This is sooo much more complicated than what I thought.
  10. Thanks for this! Option 1 seems quite the mission, and my green card was stolen (along with my wallet) about 6 months ago so I don’t have a physical copy.
  11. Ok gotcha. Thanks so much this is so helpful. One last question - usually how long after the I-130 is approved do we have to file the I-864?
  12. Ok, that would mean that in case we do not have enough in our accounts for him to sponsor us, he would have to secure a job before we move back. Correct?
  13. Will this mean that my husband and myself (along with my children who are both US citizens) will have to be separated for a period of time?
  14. Hello everyone! I haven’t posted on this forum for a while, so I will do a little recap of my situation. In 2016 I obtained a K-1 Visa while living in London (I’m an Italian citizen) to marry my now husband who lived in NYC. I moved to NYC in January 2017 and got married, we then had our first baby in August 2018 and in August 2019 we decided to go to Italy for about 6 months to allow my family to spend some time with our baby. While there, I got pregnant with my second baby and the pandemic hit, both our jobs laid off most of their staff and we found ourselves without a job to go back to, so we stayed in Italy. We are now ready to go back to the US but I am confused on the best way forward. Some people said I should enter on an ESTA and then adjust my status there, but I do not want to do that. Others have said that I should formally renounce my green card and start the process from scratch (with an I-130), others have suggested I file a DS-117 (application to determine returning resident status), but I’m afraid that won’t be applicable since my green card only had a 2 year validity. I would appreciate any input you may have, thank you everyone in advance for your help!
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