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  1. I didn’t include anything I mean it’s with my other paperwork from Poe I just hope they don’t rfe my husband wants to work soon
  2. I totally forgot to send my birth certificate can they see I’m a citizen by my ssn or will I absolutely be rfed
  3. Hey guys we are trying to do my husbands AOS but we ran into some issues. We only have a picture of our NOA2 would that be acceptable to submit
  4. Good luck everyone! We received our visa in hand yesterday we are leaving Monday morning so glad it’s almost over
  5. Yayyy!!!!!! We will be in Atlanta next Wednesday
  6. After October interviews the embassy was booked out they released February dates in November March in December and April in January. My case number didn’t get to me until the 27th of December so I had no choice but to wait until April. The police clearance is valid up to 6 months after it was issued
  7. We applied for the unabridged and police clearance back in October but there was a 3 month wait for an interview
  8. Absolutely we sent our petition last year feb keep in mind we had no rfe it was just a delayed approval. That’s why I was stressing after the interview I was praying it wouldn’t take weeks to get his passport back. We have had so many problems even with getting our daughters birth certificate and both her SA passport and US passport
  9. Thank you! This process has been really trying on our relationship it took a year and 3 months only to receive our visa. It’s been so hard but it’s finally here and almost over we just need to get on the plane
  10. Visa issued today!!!!!! 10 days after interview oh what a relief
  11. Okay so today my case says administrative processing both the creation date and update date are today the 16th and it switched from non immigrant to immigrant visa
  12. Can someone please help me please! Tell me what is going on. My case has said ready ever since the interview. But the last update date keeps changing. It recently changed to the 15th but is still say ready like i didn’t have any interview please if you can help
  13. Has this every happened to anyone???? I really need help. My interview was on the 4th we were approved but my case was last updated on the 10th however my status still reads ready like I didn’t have my interview yet
  14. How do you get them to answer
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