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  1. $2,000 is surely worth it to be with your Fiancé especially being there is no official word on when they will resume processing K-1 visas at the consulates plus there is alot of back log from last year March of K-1 cases to catch up on and schedule interviews so it might be a long time especially if the consulates are still working with reduced staff. I wish Nigeria was one of the countries listed, I would join the lawsuit tonight. Does anyone know if it is possible to join this lawsuit if you are not from one of the COVID banned countries but your case is stuck at NVC for months now?
  2. Excellent, we have 415 signatures. Let’s go! I am sharing amongst social media and with friends to sign up and support this too.
  3. Thanks I have signed as well. More support for this cause would be helpful.
  4. I did take to Twitter today to send a twit to the secretary of state about sending a message to resume the K-1 visas and especially at the Lagos Nigeria Consulate. Please send more messages to the secretary of state so this issue can get spotlighted.
  5. Please join us in sending a message to the new secretary of state, some of us have taken to Twitter since he is very active on Twitter to inform and ask for his assistance to ask for the resumption of fiance visa like they have resumed the spouse visa, student visa and even tourist visa. His Twitter account is @SecBlinken
  6. We need a new invitation to the chat for those of us who are new. The current link is no longer working. Thanks
  7. No, no expedition or calls or emails. I only mailed in my application on April 6th and didn't do anything else until I got the rfe on September 4th. Then I responded and got approved September 29th.
  8. Hi My Fellow April family, The day has come for my fiance and I. I was just notified by my tracking app that my case has been approved as of yesterday. I checked on USCIS website and it's confirmed as Approved. I sent in the application on April 6th. If you may remember I received an rfe earlier this month on Sept 3rd and mailed the response the next day which USCIS recieved on Sept 9th. So it took 20 days from rfe to approval. Please continue to keep the faith and hope, find distractions as that was helpful in taking my mind of the wait. To be honest, today was the first time I checked my case online to see the progress and saw the approval. I have not told my fiance yet, with the time difference it's still too early to call her. I am beyond excited but focused on the next steps as the journey continue but atleast this is one checkpoint crossed of the many to come. Yours will arrive as well. Keep the hope alive, if you are religious and prayful like I am, ask for God's will to be done with your case and put in his hands. God bless and i am praying for you all and wishing you success on this journey.
  9. Hi, has there been any update on when the embassy will reopen, I thought there was an order for visa processing to resume ?
  10. Hello April 2020 fliers, I want to spread an update to give hope to everyone. Uscis received date is April 6th. I received an rfe from uscis today asking for evidence of meeting my fiancé in the last two years which I did submit in the original file I sent but it might have gotten lost in their file systems. To me, this is one of the easiest rfe you can receive Because I have the flight receipts, hotel receipts, pictures with dates, passport stamps so I will respond back and I hope to have the approval in less than 60 days after it is received. remain hopeful my friends, you will receive great news of your own soon.
  11. Another April 2020 flier from Nigeria too, patiently awaiting NOA2
  12. Hi, my fiance is also from Nigeria. i was just about to file for her before i received this news of Nigeria being on the new ban list. I will still file for my fiance and curious if the Nigerian consulate is up to speed on how to process the immigrant visa with the new process starting February 22nd. I was wondering if I send in the fiance visa paperwork today and it is received bu USCIS before the ban takes effect, would it make a difference than sending it after the date the ban goes into effect.
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