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  1. We had our interview this morning and were approved! Super quick for the handing over of documents and the interview, but spent about two hours just waiting around to be called to the window. Overall, super happy with everything and we can start planning the next steps!!
  2. I was under the impression that the medical needed to be paid via EFT before you arrived for it. However when I got there you were able to swipe. However they did not take cash at all
  3. Hi Guys, My interview is on Thursday and I am just going through all documents one last time. Do we need to have NOA1 and 2 for the interview?
  4. Yep. It was super quick. I applied at home affairs, contacted passports4u and did the transfer, got an sms at 7am the next day to say that my birth certificate was ready for collection, definitely worth the money we paid to keep on schedule and eliminate any unnecessary stress!
  5. I also ran into this problem. The only real option we had was to hire a service to expedite the process. We used passports4u and it took one day after applying at home affairs to have it ready for collection. Definitely recommend if you’re in a time crunch.
  6. I would try try again today. Yesterday was a public holiday and no one would have been at the consulate. Whenever I’ve called it’s always been answered. I usually tried as soon as they opened in the morning to try get in first thing.
  7. I think this is a great idea. I haven't had my interview yet, and I don't know when I'll be moving etc, but when it happens I think it would definitely offer a home comfort. Hoping you can set this up so she gets to lessen the homesick feeling asap
  8. Hi guys, i gave my medical in Sandton on Friday and was just wondering if anyone who has done theirs had to have any extra vaccinations and how much they were? Obviously the medical appointment itself is quite expensive and I’m just curious if I need any additional vaccinations what it’ll set me back haha. Thanks!!
  9. You will need unabridged birth certificate. I’d suggest you get this done as soon as possible. We all know what home affairs is like and you wouldn’t want this delaying the process.
  10. Oh awesome! Thank you! What did you put in the letters of support from family and the thank you letter. We had though about this but weren't exactly sure what would be good to include in this.
  11. Does anyone have a list of the things they took to the embassy interview? At this point I'm so paranoid I'm going to be too focused on the additional things that I'm going to forget something important and wondered if anyone had some sort of checklist for everything they took!
  12. Just managed to book an appointment for May 16! I’d check the site and hopefully you have the same luck!
  13. Hello! Anyone else having issues with booking interview appointments at the consulate in Johannesburg? It says there are no appointments available and has said so for the past week! Calling the consulate and emailing doesn't exactly provide many answers especially as it seems I'm going around in circles driving myself mad haha.
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