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  1. Question :The medical results are valid for only one year after you have the physical done, correct? What if your AOS interview happens after this year has lapsed? Is a RFE issued?
  2. Does it look bad when filing AOS if you only do a court marriage and not a big huge wedding or reception after entering as a k1? I know people have different reasons for doing different things. If you choose to do a simplecourt marriage with only one side of parents there, is that a bad thing? Would it be looked down upon as not being a genuine relationship? It would be great to hear from those who have done their AOS interview have to say.
  3. On Day 225 here since submitting the I-485. No word yet. Field office is San Jose, CA. Anyone in the same boat?
  4. I start work Monday :( can I go back to the waiting game lol
  5. anyone from the San Jose, CA service center get their interview scheduled yet? I'm on day 150 here waiting for the interview to be scheduled.
  6. On Day 150 of "Case is ready to be scheduled for interview". Is this normal? Service center is San Jose, CA.
  7. do they stamp passport when entering the US again after recieving AP? the officer stamped mine. Wanted to make sure this is what others encountered as well.
  8. RFE fixed yet? Call tier 2. Let them know they messed up the first time and it's a simple fix. they got to reviewing and approving mine the next day. Any people here with the San Jose, CA field office? Still stuck at scheduled for interview. Have you guys gotten a interview date yet?
  9. Got EAD/AP combo card today and renewed my driver license. Feeling like a million bucks!
  10. Is it true that AP doesn't really update online when approved in conjunction with EAD (filed concurrently)? I see all my updates on the EAD approval and mailing and really none for the AP.
  11. How many days usually does it take for "New Card is being produced" to actually having the EAD /AP card in hand?
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