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  1. No, you dont have to fill out new I485 forms. They will have them at interview, you will be asked questions from the form though.
  2. Good afternoon, not sure if this is the correct forum or not, but I have a general question and was wondering if anyone has run into similar issues while applying for jobs in the US. My husband recently received and accepted an offer for employment, but during the hiring process, HR has informed him that there were issues with running his criminal background check (for the record he has none) saying that his SSN is not linking to his profile. Has anyone had similar issues while getting a job in the US? If so, how was that issue resolved? Any input would be great, so we don't start freaking out. Thanks!
  3. yeah, I missed that part. However, I wonder if someone can use for support if s/he has a job and is making sufficient money to support themselves ...
  4. https://s3.amazonaws.com/documents.lexology.com/df192818-fcc2-4538-84cc-dfd620b67612.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAVYILUYJ754JTDY6T&Expires=1625010772&Signature=OuxVL1bJomBsUjfGV4ttvJEbsnQ%3D
  5. From what I understand, you don't have to sign any subsequent support forms and you should not feel forced to sign any. Upon divorce, he can obtain a waiver for I-864. When you signed the I-864, you agreed that the beneficiary will not be a "public charge" (i.e., not take public benefits, etc.). In the event, the beneficiary does, the gov't can sue and come after the petitioner for the amount of public benefits he has taken. However, this seems extremely rare, unless he's unemployed, etc. and has to take food stamps for example.
  6. I agree engagement proof not required. However, you do need proof of meeting in person well documented. FYI, we actually included engagement party photos because it was the only event that both of our families met. We had no issues and no RFE either.
  7. Please review this link: https://www.visapro.com/resources/article/k1-adjustment-of-status/ Unfortunately, one hurdle still remains for K1 visa Adjustment of Status applicants who are divorced – Adjustment of Status based on the K1 visa still requires an I-864 from the original Petitioner. USCIS has confirmed as recently as 2015 that the I-864, Affidavit of Support is required and must come from the original US citizen spouse and they will not accept a substitute spouse (K1 visa holders who were abused or suffered extreme cruelty are advised to file the I-360 under VAWA, if eligible, to allow USCIS to waive the I-864 requirement). USCIS has stated, however, that they will accept the I-864 that is signed even after divorce. This may indicate it may be worthwhile keeping the original AOS application alive in the event you don't meet the "abused or suffered extreme cruelty" requirement to get a waiver of I-864.
  8. I have heard you can file for Removal of Conditions using VAWA, and I heard divorced people going to interviews alone because of various circumstances. However, I'm not sure you can independently file for AOS using VAWA. You may want to research and/or consult an attorney before withdrawing your I-485 petition for this reason.
  9. It's possible? Hopefully, others with experience will chime in.
  10. At the consulate in Kuwait after his interview. Then they sent his stuff for Admin Processing, then he got his passport back w K1 visa stamped.
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