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  1. AandR1401

    Second interview

    Thank you for responding Mrs. TBone, I had not checked your timeline, that I was saved a long time to this long wait, we are collecting a lot more evidence, my future father-in-law (sergeant instructor of the army, retired less than 1 year ago, veteran of the Bosnian war) comes to Ecuador with my fiancee he wants to serve as proof of our relationship, do you think it will help? So it seems, you have no idea of this information until now.
  2. AandR1401

    Second interview

    @TBoneTX Hello, I hope you are well, have you heard something like this at some time about a second interview at the Guayaquil consulate?
  3. AandR1401

    Second interview

    She is 21 years old, she will be 22 in a few days, I am 23 years old. I am Venezuelan national, with Ecuadorian residence for almost 2 years, she does not work in any religion nor do I, she lived in Ecuador 6 months from January 2017 until July 2017, the last month we lived together in the same house, she was a foreign exchange student, then she came to Ecuador 6 months later in December to be together those dates, for her university that is already graduating this month, she could not come very continued
  4. Hello friends, on Wednesday 05/16/2018 I had my interview for a K1 visa, they did not ask for more, routine questions, but before I finished they gave me a letter where they told me that the evidence presented (20 sheets of photos) and conversations ) were not enough to show my relationship with my fiancée, so they asked me to get a second appointment where I had to be present, we already have the date and time, we already have the tickets to go to the consulate of guayaquil, although we are outraged , although it is not a denial, much less an approval, I would like to know if someone has information or experience doing a second interview with K1.
  5. AandR1401

    Traveling with a K1 visa

    Thank you very much with your help
  6. AandR1401

    Traveling with a K1 visa

    She currently lives on the campus of the university where she studies located in Californa, but we are going to live in Virgnia, her home state and where my in-laws live.
  7. AandR1401

    Traveling with a K1 visa

    Exactly, and my fiancée did not change her address she's only in California for her graduation.
  8. AandR1401

    Traveling with a K1 visa

    I thought that I should not travel to another state, we are trying to get a formal invitation to the graduation to show it in POE and explain why I am there.
  9. AandR1401

    Traveling with a K1 visa

    Graduation is in California, I am going to live in Virginia. Now I'm worried I wanted to be there seriously, that moment is special for both of us.
  10. AandR1401

    Traveling with a K1 visa

    It's not the place where I said I'm going to live in the application, but there will be my fiancee, it's her graduation.
  11. I can travel to another state than the one I am going to live, the reason is the graduation of my fiancée
  12. This link can help you http://www.visajourney.com/examples/DS-160-Example-Form.pdf
  13. We have been approved a few days ago, but there is no update or notice by email, not even the USPS app warned us. Totally silent NOA1: 09/13/2017 NOA2: 03/09/2018 Received: 03/17/2018. Updated timeline. the silent NOA2 full of an indescribable emotion Thankful for the @Naes scans you will soon have your NOA2, I will be on the lookout to congratulate you, you deserve it.
  14. Grateful for your answer I expect a shower of approvals Thank you very much every day for your scans.
  15. Hi @Naes a question, my co-sponsor must fill out an additional form of i-134 affidavit of support or is there another way to do this? It's my first publication I've been closely monitoring your scans every day, for a couple of months. ve very ve