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  1. I did updated my SSN yesterday in my new name. It was fast.
  2. Well mine was no family and friends allowed yet, no taking pictures or videos inside the building. And we were told that update our SSN after 10 days of our Oath because the system may not be updated yet. It was a busy day for them because they had to divide the group into 3 groups which is by 25 to take oath.
  3. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for us, now we can breathe and enjoy the coming holidays.
  4. My oath was yesterday and I am so proud to call myself an American Citizen!!
  5. Thank you. That status case submitted for quality review based on approval is actually not bad, I was told that they are working on my name change request which it reflected now to my oath ceremony letter that I printed online. On that status also said that once they are done with their review they will schedule my oath which they did. So, don’t panic if you get the same status as mine after interview. Over thinking is going to ruin your momentum so just relax and pray. Good luck on your big day and I am sure that you will passed.
  6. I got my oath ceremony date today, yahoooooo!!!! My FO emailed me this morning and asked if I am available on the day that they are trying to schedule me and I emailed them back with YeS, I am available and please schedule me and after 30 mins they emailed back with its official your oath ceremony is scheduled and they will mail my oath ceremony letter. I am soooo happy.
  7. Ah ok, yeah because I also request to change my last name. Thank you for answering. I can’t wait to finish this citizenship.
  8. Yes, my status is Case submitted for quality review based on approval, i have a name change request.
  9. I saw few people from here that they had interview and got an update after few days. Do not panic, I know this is very stressful but be optimistic. Did you request a name change?
  10. I was told that it is normal, all approved application goes through quality reviews. I have a name changed request too.
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