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  1. I hope so. Are you applying based on 5 yrs or 3 yrs?
  2. Maybe the email that you received the day after your biometrics was for that. You are closed to the finish line.
  3. Oh wow, congratulations!! I am happy for you. Hope I get mine soon..I keep on checking my account after that email.. lol.
  4. Gotcha. I did received that too when they scheduled me for biometrics. But the email today is just the “We have taken an action on your case. Sign in to your account to view your case status. So I got nervous for nothing, haha..
  5. I got so nervous and log in right away.. lol. I quoted you because I remember you mentioned that you got the same email next day after your biometrics.
  6. Today, I got an email that says “We take an action bla bla” so I log in, I do not see any update aside from another reviewed by uscis on April 26.
  7. I had a biometrics last week and shows that they are actively reviewing my N400 application but the estimate completion went from 12 months to 13 months…is that normal? Who among you experience this too?
  8. I had my biometrics on Friday and when i look at my online account says that actively reviewed by USCIS and my ETA change from 12 months to 13 months. I have a friend who applied on April 10 and hers shows 8 months and we are in the same state. Her bio was reused though so it means that she will get her interview first..
  9. I had my biometrics yesterday and no email yet..
  10. When did you received an email from them after your biometrics)
  11. I just finish my Biometrics today and my status says actively reviewing..
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