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  1. It was indeed the biometrics appointment in our case - November 26. Any idea of how long it typically takes after that? Still quite a while, I would guess. An can (and plans to) apply for naturalization next June, and from what I understand, that moves much more quickly and often is completed before the 10-year green card gets done.
  2. Case received July 5, USPS informed delivery shows a letter from USCIS arriving today - I'm guessing biometrics appointment. Nothing updated on the website since case received. Nebraska Service Center.
  3. Hello friends! I think we're finally ready to send in our packet for An's Removal of Conditions - a couple of weeks later than I was hoping, but still plenty early. Just wondered if anyone would mind looking over what we have, including the table of contents, to see what you think. I based the style on CookieCat's excellent submission that's pinned at the top of this forum (although not nearly as thick as hers!) All opinions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for looking!
  4. Thanks for the info - good to know! And this can be done even if there’s still a mortgage on the house?
  5. Thanks for the quick responses. We will definitely include copies of our drivers licenses - forgot to mention that. As far as lease or rental contracts, unfortunately, I never added her to my mortgage because the bank said the only way to do that would be to refinance, which would have resulted in several thousand dollars worth of fees. Hopefully, that’s not an issue. In addition to the other stuff mentioned, I also have her as the beneficiary on both my life insurance policy and pension plan.
  6. Hello! We are getting ready to send our I-751 application in for removal of conditions, hopefully next week. Here's my question - we have a certain number of documents showing both of our names with the same address: tax transcripts, auto loan, auto insurance, bank statements, a credit card, maybe a few other things. However, we have tons more stuff for each of us separately, but showing the same address: medical bills and EOBs, paycheck statements, financial documents (401k, etc.)...in addition to the stuff that is addressed to both of us, should we also send the separate stuff in since it shows each of us at the same address? How would we label that - just as documents that show residency at the same address? Thanks! Bryan and An
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