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  1. Good thinking! Which US state are they planning to move to? I don't mean to pry, but some states have a local health insurance exchange (with slightly different rules) whereas healthcare.gov covers all the other states. healthcare.gov will tell you whether your state has a local exchange.
  2. Are you looking for insurance for yourself or a senior family member? In which state? Doesn't sound like the person you spoke with was very knowledgeable. You might be better off talking to another assister + reading all the helpful info on this thread. Unfortunately, all assisters aren't equally competent, especially when it comes to immigrant specific issues...
  3. Go to healthcare.gov and look for an assister (not broker/agent) in your area. Talk to them about your specific scenario. You should be able to get them signed up for Obamacare on the marketplace. There is a special enrollment period of 60 days starting the day they enter the country. Don't miss it, otherwise they will have to wait until November to sign up for next year.
  4. For #1, #2 - you want to apply for Medicaid after the 5 year period, not medicare. Medicaid is free to those who have no income. They don't care whether you had previous coverage or not. #3 - I don't think there is a penalty anymore for not having health insurance, Trump got rid of that last year. In any case, the penalty used to apply only to people who had an income above a certain limit (30K?) Since your parents didn't have any income, they wouldn't have to pay the penalty anyway. #4 - marketplace is indeed closed for 2019. Check if you qualify for special enrollment (if you moved, they traveled outside the country and reentered etc.) https://www.healthcare.gov/screener/marketplace.html Also, since they didn't have income, they are not required to file taxes, no problem there either. However, I would strongly encourage you to file taxes for them separately for 2018 even with 0 income, as it serves as proof of income for future applications. Also, you can consult a tax advisor about backfiling taxes for the previous years, although this might not be necessary if they file 2018 taxes. Also, what state are you in? Some states have local health exchanges, not healthcare.gov, with different rules.
  5. Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on finding your mother affordable health insurance. Every bit of extra information helps, and your experience of getting healthcare without an SSN will help other readers. Just out of curiosity, what state are you applying from?
  6. They will, they have filed their taxes separately every year thus far. I am trying to find out if there's been any changes to Medi-cal eligibility rules recently. I hear applications from elderly immigrants with no income who have a green card sponsored by their children aren't being approved like they used to be in the past.
  7. Hi all, been a while since I posted on this thread. I need some help. Has anyone recently applied for Medi-Cal in California for parents on green cards (zero income)? Were they approved? Please share...
  8. # missads can I pm you to discuss further?

  9. Two things: 1. Talk to a local marketplace NAVIGATOR in Dallas. Search on google, you should be able to find someone. The customer service agents on the phone are inexperienced pencil pushers unfamiliar with the nuances of an uncommon case that involves senior immigrants. 2. Message Bruin85 directly rather than posting on this thread. He seems to have gotten coverage for his father in law with ZERO income. He has gone through the exact same process and come out successful. IN DALLAS. Not sure why you'd need to show income of $16,240, but please don't end up doing something that would get you and your parents into trouble with the IRS.
  10. Sorry, I meant Chk312 (I'm the OP!) I feel a sworn affidavit would be adequate, if Chk312 has getting documentation of foreign income is just not possible. The declaration in the affidavit would be under penalty of perjury, so there are serious consequences if anything is untrue. It is a commonly used workaround for such matters when it's simply not possible to obtain documentation. Best to discuss with Covered CA and find out what they require.
  11. Try reaching out to Bruin85, he is also in Dallas and got coverage for his dad recently. He might be able to help you with local info better than anyone else on here
  12. Thanks for sharing, it's great to have someone who's been part of the Medi-cal system providing some inside perspective. I agree OP's mom should establish herself as a separate tax household and file a separate tax return. I have said that is so important over and over in this thread The question is starting when. OP's mom was NOT an LPR in 2017. She was approved a few weeks ago, hasn't even received her GC yet. I don't know what her prior status was and whether she was required to file a tax return back then, or was previously claimed by someone else on their tax return as a dependent. *IF* (and only if) the answer is NO to all of the above, I would suggest file starting the year she became an LPR, and every year there onward. A sworn affidavit regarding income might suffice for 2018, because she can't file this year's tax return until next April anyway. If Medi-cal says they will consider mom part of the sponsor's tax household (OP needs to discuss with Covered CA), then backfile 2017 taxes. Any thoughts? Again, thanks for adding to the wealth of info on this thread, it's very useful!
  13. Sure, but why back file taxes? She only recently became an LPR. She should only need to file taxes for this year, by April next year.
  14. I agree that her mom should file taxes separately *going forward*. I don't see any reason to back file taxes. Her foreign income is too small to have required filing a separate tax return. Plus she has no US income. Also, I'm curious to know on what basis you say "Medi-Cal *WILL* look at sister's income if mom doesn't file taxes" Is this just opinion/speculation, or do you have some information (a link perhaps) to back up your assertion?
  15. Smitha, you don't need to wait for the physical GC to arrive. If they have received SSNs, the entry stamp in their passport is as good as the actual GC. What state are you in? If your state doesn't have its own health exchange, you will need to go through healthcare.gov There is a 30 day window after your parents moved to the US to sign up for health plans, outside of the regular open enrollment period that is usually around November/December each year. DON'T DELAY otherwise they will have to wait until the end of the year to sign up. Plenty of info on this thread on how to look up health plans and get help through navigators.
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