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  1. I moved here on a K1 visa and my husband is active duty. I was covered on Tricare straight away after we got married.
  2. Isnt that how regular insurance work though? Tricare works different. You should be covered straight away. I didnt have a SSN at first and I was covered.
  3. The same thing happened to me. I was basically first in the line. I was sent to secondary for 1,5h so they could send through everyone else. They then called my name, gave me my passport and that was it.
  4. I did all the paperwork myself. Why do you feel the need in having someone do it for you? JAG won't help you with it but some bases have an immigration adviser. I saw one on the base where we are at but she gave me so much wrong information that I said no thank you and good bye Then I did all the paperwork myself and had no issues.
  5. I went to the AOS interview alone as my husband was deployed. I brought his deployment orders and his orders for the base where we were stationed. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message!
  6. That isn't true. I came here on a K1 visa and I had tricare on the day I got my ID at deers.
  7. Why would you not have any right to healthcare? Did they tell you why? On the back of the card, what does it say on the medical section?
  8. Cool. Thanks for clarifying. I was only asking as the Airforce require the unconditional card for joining.
  9. I see May I ask how long your Green card is valid for? Is it a 2 or 10 year green card? I don't really know how the lottery works.
  10. @Jesus is Love Did you manage to talk to someone that could answer your questions?
  11. @stukahk Do you even want to be in the military? Or do you just want citizenship? Only asking.
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