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  1. Congrats to all those that are approved already! Fingers crossed for speedy approvals for those of us that are still waiting! Its exciting to see people in here getting their NOA2s! ❤️
  2. LOL. Im good, just been busy and doing my own thing for the time being. How are you? I bet you are getting excited as you are one of the first in our little group that *should* be getting your NOA2
  3. Hows everyone holding up!? We are now officially into December and I know many of you are waiting anxiously for your NOA2! I cant wait for yall to start getting yours, fingers crossed for some Xmas news
  4. Honestly, Idk LOL. Not stressing it too much at the minute, still reading and thinking about it but Im at the late end of the Sept filers, so I dont expect to hear anything until Jan LOL. I will probably start stressing next month. Hoping for the best though! Just working, spending time with my SO in skype and such. Looking at houses to buy, preparing for the transition
  5. A lot of us are planning a courthouse wedding, or something of the sort, with a larger party or reception. My SO and I are going to the courthouse and then plan to have a larger get together afterwards, or even a later date, so that we can celebrate with everyone who is able to attend
  6. We are planning a courthouse marriage and will probably do a party or something later to get as many friends and family together as possible. Its way cheaper and tends to be a bit quicker getting all the paperwork back. We just have so much to do prior to him getting here and during the time that he is here, that we dont want to put that kind of energy and stress on top of all the other things we have to plan.
  7. Thank you That is what we were thinking as well, with all the stuff we have seen, many people get approved with only one visit total through London but we have a fair amount of travel between us so I think we will be fine. He isn't shipping over any furniture or anything and a lot of stuff he is either giving away or selling, so we found the money better used rebuying some of his items and paying for shipping on the stuff he is bringing over
  8. Thank you, I really hope we do, fingers crossed for no RFEs 🤞I have already started itemizing docs, but are you meaning for his travel here once the k1 is issued? We arent planning on another visit until after the k1 is approved and he flies over, as we find that the money can be put toward other uses in the meantime. We have already been looking at flights and the best possible options for a range of dates
  9. Like @flfreddy, I sent in passport stamps from both our passports, pictures, messages, plane tickets, messages, local landmarks and attractions that we went to, screenshots of our google hangouts, as well as screenshots of our hangout call list dating back for years, facebook messages, whatsapp messages, basically anything that we could throw at it. In the 'describe the circumstances of your in-person meeting' section, I described our most recent visit but included everything else from previous visits in a continued/ongoing relationship section. We are still waiting on NOA2 though, so not sure if we did will get an RFE or not yet but will update when I hear something.
  10. I know that I read tons of stuff that is posted, throughout the forums, that can help with the process. None of us in the chat group are comparing our journey to anyone elses, each one is different and has different obstacles to overcome. Sometimes we talk about our feelings, since I am the petitioner its nice to hear what its like on their side to be the beneficiary and the stress on their side, and vice versa. While we dont have a lot of questions right now, it doesn't mean that we arent reading and listening to what others are saying. It just makes it seem like getting involved, with the people who are right there with us in filing, outside of the forums is almost looked down on. We understand that people put a lot of time and effort into helping here, and believe me we appreciate it so much. Hell more than half of us probably wouldn't be where we are without this forum. But we are building friendships and discussing various things. There is only so many times you can talk to your "real life" friends and family before they get sick of hearing about it. With these friendships and bonding times, we can actually express our joys and worries during the process, with people who understand. Also talks about finding some of their comfort items when they move to the states, for example finding a good coffee that may be similar to what they have at home. Or what kind of winter coats/jackets are best for a cold state that another is moving to. I work graveyard shift, just the other day I was talking to the girls in chat while staying awake during the day because we were under tornado watches and warnings. To be able to talk about things in our lives, in real time, is really nice and comforting. Another person in the chat actually stated that its more calming than for them to go onto the forums every 2 hours LOL. It provides an outlet for them, for all of us, to be able to talk to people who are going through the same thing, about random stuff, with the occasional comment about processing times, or flights, or even talking about the differences between the old case tracker and the new site. Is there something, that yall would like to see from us, to show that we are reading and acknowledging the things that we see? I know when I have questions, I tend to do a search first and most of the time the answer can be found. If I cant find an answer, I definitely will post asking, but more times than not the answers can be found in even the previous months postings/thread BECAUSE of the work that the veterans have put in. I also find a lot of answers to my questions, in my country specific area, so if its something specific about the interview, medical or ACRO, I go there. Ive also found a lot of helpful information about shipping items from him to me in the UK forum as well. But at this stage of the process, I personally have not come across a question that I couldnt find somewhere in the previous responses, in other threads, or other country specific areas. Im sure that when it gets closer to the NOA2 and NVC stages, there will be more questions that I personally will need help with, but right now I am just doing a lot of reading and absorbing information. And I know a lot of us in the group chat are doing the same.
  11. While each situation is different, I would say that yes, you can visit during the process.
  12. My understanding is that if you have resided anywhere for 6 months or more, since the age of 18, you would need to have a police clearance/certificate, regardless of whether the person is currently living there. Hopefully someone else pops on and can help. Have you checked out the Dubai forum yet? There might be something there too?
  13. I would say yes, as what Ive read is if you have lived in a location for 6 months or more, you would need to have the police certificate/clearance from that location. But @Greenbaum or @Sarge2155 may be able to give you a more definite answer
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