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  1. Yeah I knew that they were doing limited medicals, but without being able to interview theres not much of a point to scheduling medical yet. Also, in our situation, he has to travel to London and with the limited public transport from Walsall to there, it makes it much more difficult to get there since he doesn't drive. He is saying that there should be more information coming this coming week, as to reopening more and an increase in transportation services. Fingers crossed something can be scheduled soon for everyone
  2. Like others have stated, we really have no idea when they will start dealing with interviews and such again. It could be a week or it could be a month or longer. It really sucks, we are all in the same boat right now and its important to have a little more patience during this time. Where are you at in your process? Your timeline does not help us understand where you are at, its important to get that done so that people will be better able to answer questions or give you tips/hints as to what *should* be happening next. Trust me the frustration is real for all of us, even the workers! My guy had his medical scheduled at Knightsbridge on the 26th of March, if I remember accurately but it may have been the 23rd. Anyway, his medical was cancelled and obviously hasn't been able to reschedule since due to the pandemic. His GP is even closed right now, except for more extreme situations, so even he was able to get scheduled for an interview and medical, he cant get an updated care summary right now. Just be patient. Also, are you the petitioner or the beneficiary?
  3. We have thought about booking setting up interview and medical but we are a bit concerned about public transportation into London, as apparently that is still quite restricted. Anyone have any thoughts about that at all?
  4. Perfect! Thank you so much! I haven't had too much time to read into how to do that because Im an essential worker. It sucks to have been this close to finally having him here then we get with a pandemic. But we are both currently healthy, so I cant complain too much
  5. My partner originally had his medical scheduled for March 23rd, but that was cancelled. It sucks to have to wait so much longer but I completely understand why it is necessary. Now it looks like it will be much longer before he is able to do either and the NOA2 is only valid until the 15th of May. Have yall emailed the embassy to extend, or would that need to go through USCIS? Im not entirely sure who I need to contact in this kind of situation.
  6. Thanks yall, I will just write it beside and go from there
  7. Ok, so basically, write the A number thats on the NOA2 on the 134, thanks! Yeah I try to read up on things before I post questions and I wasnt 100% sure on what to put there and had seen several people mention the whole London likes thing. I think that I will not mark a box and just put the N/A part in the additional information. Thanks for your help @Wuozopo
  8. We are currently working on the I-134 and have come across the section for the A-number to be placed. I have seen that some people put nothing but I also have an A-number listed above my partners name on the NOA2. I am assuming this is the number they are looking for and that I should be writing that number in on the documents? Also, while I am here asking, on the Intend/Do not Intend, I have seen many people saying to leave it blank and put an explanation in the additional information section, yet some people have stated that London sometimes likes to have that marked. So would it be advisable to select Yes, then provide something along the lines of "N/A (FILING I-129F FOR MY FIANCE TO BEGIN K1 VISA PROCESS FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCE) I intend to provide any and all necessary support, including but not limited to: financial, medical and cost of living." Im just trying to make sure I am covered Thanks for all your help, I imagine I will be in here asking further questions as I think of them.
  9. I fell in love with the prawn cocktail crisps when I went to visit my SO. They are incredibly hard to find in the US but if you dont mind paying the price, you can check out this place. They have a load of different items but they do come with a heavy cost and they regularly sell out of things very quickly. I am sure this will be one place we will order from once he gets here, just for those things that he cant find a substitute for.
  10. I understand that I have to provide information on what my currently income is as well as all the other stuff, I was just trying to have a better grasp of which number I should be putting in the box on the 134 for annual income. Should it be what my W2 stated for the 2019 year, or should it be my current weekly amount x 52 weeks(estimated)? That is what I am trying to figure out lol.
  11. Fingers crossed for yall! Its only a matter of days for some, I imagine
  12. Ok, so I have a question. When filling out the I-134, it states annual income, Part 3 Q3. I know that it is asking for current income but I am unsure as to what I should be putting in that section. I was promoted midway through the year in 2019, ultimately increasing my hourly wages dramatically. However, I am also getting my yearly pay increase in March. So my question is, should I be putting what is listed on my W2 in the annual income amount and include a letter stating about the increase wages and promotion? Should I post an estimated wage for what I am making currently and include the wage increase I receive in March? Im not 100% sure what to do in this case. I was thinking that I would probably list the amount that I earned for 2019, based on W2s and include a letter stating the promotion and explain my wage increase that is coming in March? Any information would be helpful! Thanks! Btw, in any of the scenarios I am well above the 125% poverty range so I guess I am just wanting to give them the best possible answer.
  13. My NOA1 was October 2nd, I was approved on Friday Jan 17th. I imagine yall will be getting antsy, I know I was! I got the notification around 1130am Eastern time, via the app, that there was an update to my case and I should go online to view it. It is a hard wait but it should be happening for yall soon! Just hang in there, read all the stuff you can on here and ask questions. Search bar is your friend, as well as google itself, and if you cant find your answers there, always ask Yall will get there, just hang in there!
  14. Perfect! Thank you! I just wasnt sure what I needed to put in the boxes online, cause it said receipt number and wac number LOL
  15. Did you update your email with the NVC, like that PDF suggests? If so, where it talks about receipt number and wac number, I am assuming the receipt number is on the hardcopy noa2 that I will get?
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