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  1. Not sure if applying for Citizenship extends the GC. Maybe somebody more informed on that topic can chime in.
  2. You don't want her to be here without a valid GC/documentation while she's waiting.
  3. I'm not an expert, and I hope somebody with more experience will confirm what I'm saying, but I am pretty sure you have to send in the paperwork to renew the GC. Once you send in the form, you will get a receipt and that will give the current GC an extra 6 months or a year of validity, which I think can be extended if it takes too long. This will hopefully cover the time it takes for her to complete her process. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks for your reply. That’s what I thought. We also got an email confirmation—not an actual letter, maybe I wasn’t clear about that in the original post. The thing that I thought was a little weird was that it came from a field office in a state I never lived in, halfway across the country, and not from the National Benefits Center or the field office in my home state. I talked to an immigration attorney earlier today and he said it could have been assigned to any officer in the country and is nothing to worry about. I panicked that perhaps something caused it to go to the wrong office.
  5. Sorry, got it. Thank you. Would’ve erased the first one if I knew how. Cause I put it in the wrong place.
  6. We filled out the change of address online. But the strange thing is the confirmation email we received that it has been processed was from a state we don’t live in. We never moved out of our current state, only moved to a different town with the same field office. I called the service center and they had the correct mailing address, stated the COS has been processed, and said the petition is still at the National Benefits Center. They couldn’t give me the physical address, cause they said they don’t have access to that information. Also, the automated AR-11 we got after filling it out online has all the correct information , the correct physical and mailing address. And the original automated response had the correct physical address.Is this normal for the response to come from a random field office? It’s a pending I-485 btw.
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