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  1. haha vomit is strong ! but it certainly reminds me of something youd buy at a happy shopper own brand type chocolate for about 8 pence for a bar.
  2. im sure you`ll be fine as its postmarked. I just get nervous with a deadline like that and want the extra peace of mind. What to Know About Sending Us Your Form The current edition of the Form I-485, dated 07/15/19 and 12/23/17: We will accept the 07/15/19 and 12/23/17 edition of this form if it is postmarked before Feb. 24, 2020 We will not accept the 07/15/19 and 12/23/17 edition if it is postmarked on or after Feb. 24, 2020, except those submitted by aliens/petitions with a physical address in Illinois
  3. yes, according to USCIS its the postmark that counts. Id advise anyone sending today to get it sent express though, just to be safe.
  4. yes, unless they made an error (not unheard of) then your should receive your card soon ! what evidence did you provide with the i-864 ?
  5. I'd just redo it all again. I think it would probably be fine but with the new changes coming up in the 24th you don't want it being rejected then have to file again with all the new paperwork that's coming in. Besides, it'll give you one final chance to have it all checked over.
  6. It doesn't matter, if your patient summary has little on it then thats the way it is. This is what I presented at my medical and it was accepted.
  7. It seems Fort Myers is processing really fast on straight forward cases ! good to see
  8. its central london, so prices are always going to be a bit on the pricey side, you can probably find a decent hotel near the Embassy for around 80-100 a night, it depends on your budget of course. Getting around - simple use the underground, its a great system for getting about, very reasonable in cost too. As for things to do - some of the parks are great, such as the ones at Buckingham Palace, free to walk around and a nice way to spend a (hopefully) sunny afternoon. A lot of museums are also free, they accept donations. If you havent been to London before then you dont need to spend much to get a lot out of it.
  9. $37,059 ? yes that would be more than enough for the 125% which theyre claiming you dont have, is that the figure on the last 1040 ?
  10. Its important you dont open it, the medical has a chain of custody which they dont want people tampering with.
  11. yes, the website is a nightmare to get through at times. Go to Account Home > PAYE > Check previous tax years > Check the income details sent to us hope this helps
  12. If that fails, then does she have access to online banking and look at past statements ? that would be another way to get the information, would be more of a pain to do it that way, but certainly possible.
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