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  1. skjourney

    4 weeks in administrative processing scared I’ll be denied

    That reads to me that theyve found your application and can see its on final processing but i believe this is the stage youve been stuck at for a while ? The rest of it is just generic information which I dont think is specific to your case. I have no idea whats taking them so long with your application, i hope it gets sorted soon !
  2. skjourney

    4 weeks in administrative processing scared I’ll be denied

    thats a completely random check, ive had it before too. They try and vary the amount of people they swab ie male/ female / young / old / white / black etc so literally anyone can be swabbed. Also it wont be recorded that you had this test anywhere either.
  3. actually doing a bit of reading up on it, it seems that your GP is correct, its usually only given to pregnant women in the UK. However, in the US it is administered to adults, and is a requirement for AOS. Therefore, you *may* be short of the pertussis vaccine for your AOS unless youve had a pertussis vaccine recorded in the past. Someone may be able to clarify.
  4. gotta say its a bit confusing. Im sure Knightsbridge know what theyre doing !
  5. i know for the UK birth certificate you need the longer type which lists both parents names. I had the short form and had to apply for a copy of the long form.
  6. is this what you need to apply for ? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/overseas-birth-certificate
  7. yeah, the place youre getting it from acts as the certifier, so need to do anything else, you receive the legit birth certificate and youre ready to go !
  8. thanks ! i copied from wrong line, should be Diptheria, tetanus and pertussis £60
  9. skjourney

    French in UK - London medical exam

    I dont think theyre interested in wisdom teeth, i think theyre wanting to hear about more serious and ongoing issues, and to check your allergies and what shots you have had.
  10. The prices listed at Knightsbridge currently are Tetanus and diphtheria and polio £40 Measles, mumps and rubella £50 Influenza (required only if medical between October -March) £14 I think you can get some of those free on NHS, personally ill just *cough up* the £90 and get it done at Knightsbridge. If i wait to do this in US im sure it'll cost more, may as well just have 1 morning of hassle and be covered.
  11. skjourney

    UK Embassy Interview Experience

    it makes sense they dont ask for any of this as they dont include it on their checklist of things to bring for the interview. It would be kinda shady if they asked for stuff they didnt tell you to bring. I think for the UK at least you dont need it as the applicants relationship has already been checked as bona fide, maybe in exceptional cases they may request you bring stuff with you before the interview. Also congrats !!
  12. Hi, im trying to find out if i can drive my fiances car on my UK drivers license whilst i wait for AOS ? The Florida DMV states "You must get a Florida license within 30 days of becoming a resident. You are considered a resident of Florida if you: 1-3 are irrelevant to me 4. Accept employment, or 5. Reside in Florida for more than six consecutive months." So until i trigger 4 or 5 im allowed to drive on UK license ?
  13. skjourney

    Getting medical records in the UK

    yeah mine wont be until about then either, ill update as soon as i can.
  14. skjourney

    Getting medical records in the UK

    This is what they said "Thank you for your medical , this seems fine but it will need to be checked by the doctor " hopefully this was a response from someone who knows what theyre talking about !
  15. skjourney

    Getting medical records in the UK

    I just contacted Knightsbridge with a copy of the report above, and theyre saying its enough.... well ok then ! Yeah its nice to have both !