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  1. Hello Aman, So what did you decide to do? Is there an update? Because I have an installment plant with IRS too, (smaller amounts but still) wondering if it is even worth to submit N-400 at this time.
  2. Hello, everyone! I hope you have some stories to share: So I should finally apply for citizenship, I have not done it yet - for no particular reasons other than just daily life gets me. And one bigger reason - IRS. We do not have a good track record with IRS, we were self employed and I kinda inherited my husbands mess, and for first couple years I naively thought that he is going to take care of it, and for the most part at the beginning I did not have much clue about it anyway, and then we had a baby and we were seriously broke... Not to throw my husband under the bus, he is great, aside from this tax thing... Then I decided to just tackle it all, and now - I am up to date and current - yay! And we have repayment installment plan with IRS for 2012 and 2015, that I pay every month. I yet need to do 2017 too. And I still have to straighten out some things about local and state taxes and go through certain learning curves. who knew it can be so complicated? I read conflicting accounts, some say that if I have a plan with IRS, I should be fine , others say - it shows my bad moral character, and I can be denied citizenship altogether. It really sounds terrible, I have not ever broken any law, but I guess the law says to file taxes on every 15th. Please advise.