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  1. Has anyone attempted to get passport already after the ceremony. Did you do it at the post office? Do they require to send in your original naturalization certificate?
  2. Congrats! Mine was similar, we were only 5 people... Definitely different than I envisioned... But it is done woot woot!
  3. Got my oath ceremony scheduled today. I had my citizenship interview the last day before lockdown in PA. Craziest is that it is already for next week. I am modifying my travel plans. I really thought it will take months. It says face coverings and no guests :(:(:( I was hoping my daughter and husband at least would be able to come.
  4. Mask mandatory? I can not fathom pledging allegiance in the mask. No guests meaning not even husband and kid?
  5. My interview went well, I got soooo lucky. It was this Monday, now apparently, starting Wednesday USCIS offices are going to be closed. Also, I was late because I messed up directions, but she still took me in. Pheeww.
  6. USCIS Pittsburgh closed March 18 - April 1 !!!
  7. My interview went well, and she did not ask for original. Pheeww! :)
  8. ok, thank you, it kinda calmed me, yes I have been over 5 years here, I guess there is always a way to send it in later, hopefully it is not a reason to dismiss the whole process. I have been looking EVERYWHERE, and I need some sleep.
  9. Do I need to bring original marriage certificate with me to the interview? For the life of me I can not find it and my interview is tomorrow. (I have been in US over 10 years).
  10. What worries me is that my GC just expired...
  11. Thank you, I appreciate it, I did not find it earlier. However, they mostly are discussing who takes it how seriously or not, and debating the virus itself. But the fact of the matter is, local and state governors are starting to issue , at this point - recommendations, I was wondering what would be USCIS policy, will they follow state or federal guidlines. Currently, if my information is accurate, the recommendation in PA is that sporting events or events that are not essential and over 50 people. Meaning - cancel family re-union - so far not the general schools. However, I think it is going to just tighten. Recomendatino in MI is any event up to 100. But it is just the start. There are definitely usually some 50 people at the ceremony... so
  12. I have appointment next Monday for interview, and here in PA, and also MI, everything is getting canceled left and right. I m so afraid they might cancel it. And if I am approved, they might cancel the oath ceremony.
  13. I answered no to all. I am a member of certain daily life organizations, but I really doubt they care about the sam's club, chess club or friends of library hoagie sale. I assume they mean political kind of stuff, and I am not involved in anything and stay out of it. And I cant imagine they care about my clubs back in high school at my birth country. I hope I did not made a mistake.
  14. So today I had an update USCIS online, that my interview is scheduled. Woot woot! Interview is scheduled mid March my green card expires end of February? how should I handle that? (it was under 6 month that I applied for N-400) Does interview means that it is pretty much done deal? USCIS says approval rate is 90 %, is that true? What are the reasons for deny? As I have been reading usually expiring GC alone would not cause that? Aside from some tax issues several years ago that are taken care of, and one ticked some 10 years ago, my life is pretty uneventful... By the way what to wear?
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