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  1. Yes, totally trying to avoid UK. Have not heard bad things about Polish or Czech so much. Were planes fully booked?
  2. Where were you coming from? by the way were the planes full and fully booked?
  3. dang, Amsterdam was one of my preferences, always thought KLM is pretty reliable. thanks. Frankfurt is my other good option for me to connect, except that Lufthansa still have not reached a deal.
  4. Has any of you recently traveled to Europe? Is US vaccine paper is acceptable proof or did you try to get a digital record. Also, I am vaccinated with the initial 2 doses, but no booster, but my child - 8 is not, and I do not want to. Do you know if any European country has problems with kids not being vaccinated. Thank you!
  5. Kid is 8. So yea we need stuff and luggage. With covid direct flights from PIT to Europe do not exist anymore , so connecting to an international hub here and then to a hub in Europe. So 2 stops, 3 planes. With my stand by tickets I would probably spend something around 1000, the way it looks like tickets from airline would be around 3500. I just wonder is it really that bad or is media exaggerating as usual.
  6. So I have a possibility to attain cheap stand - by tickets, considerable savings, but with everything going on - strikes, missing luggage, cancellations etc - if planes are totally full I will not have a spot. Plus I would be traveling with my kid. Is it too risky? I have done it before covid just fine, but now I would have at least two plane changes. I was thinking maybe I should just fork up and buy tickets - but maybe it is so bad that I should give up on traveling now anyway - even people traveling with decent companies like SAS and Lufthansa are dealing with so much grief. Stories and advice appreciated.
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