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  1. Yeah, awesome thanks. I did mean ROC. So this will basically serve as another extension letter, but rather than a letter it's a stamp?
  2. Yes I do, sorry it's been a long day. Do you know how far head of time we have to do that, or do we have to wait until the letter expries? I meant removal of conditions. Sorry, it's been a long day and got my terms mixed up.
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you all are hanging in there during these stressful times. Mu husband applied for AOS in July of last year. In November he got his finger prints, and we got the 18 month extension letter as well. 18 months from the day his green card expires in April of 2021. In June of 2021 we are going back over to England to finally have our wedding celebration, since we never got to have a party. My question is, assuming he won't have his green card by then, do they automatically send another extension letter? Or do we have to make an appointment and ask for one? Not only will he need it to travel for our party and (finally) our honeymoon, but he also needs it in order to still work in the US. We are not sure what to do, and things have now been pushed further behind because of the pandemic. Thanks!
  4. Yeah it was charged that amount, and all we got back was a picture of the outside of the priority mail envelope that we sent to USCIS that had our packet inside. Nothing was returned to us. Not sure where we went wrong.
  5. $680. It says $595 for the fee and then $85 for biometrics, which is $680. So I don't know what we did wrong. We paid $680. It says $595 for the fee and then $85 for biometrics, which is $680. So I don't know what we did wrong. Does this mean the whole application is rejected?
  6. Hi everyone. We received our first NOA last week, dated 8/7 that USCIS has our packet. Great news. Then today we get a letter in big envelope that says rejection letter. It says: "Recently you submitted an application for immigration benefits. That form was submitted with an extra remittance that is not required to process your application. Your payment is being returned to you with this notice. No additional action by you is required at this time." We paid by credit card form, and I believe we paid the right amount. What does this mean? Are we being refunded or do we need to resubmit completely? Case online still says received so I am not sure what this means.
  7. We have the tracking number from USPS, and I know it was delivered last Thursday. So it seems to have gotten there. We also did the CC form and the money has not been taken out yet so we know they have not looked at it. Not sure what to do at this point.
  8. Can we send other packet if we don't know if it arrived? I don't know what happens if they end up getting both. We did the CC form too. Our packet was delivered 7 days ago and no receipt so far. Other people I know who did the cc form said it did not impact the timeline.
  9. We are still waiting too. It's been 6 days since it was received and we have no notifications. I just want to know they got it.
  10. It seems to be the average time of 5 days before people get a receipt number and we are past that.
  11. Hi everyone. Our packet arrived to Texas on 7/17 and we have yet to get a notification saying it was received, and the money has not yet been taken out of our account for the fee. Should we be worried about this and if so what do we do? I know times are little funky lately in regards to how long things take.
  12. Hi everyone. Does anyone know the processing time for how long it takes to get confirmation that they have received our application? We sent in our application on July 11th and it arrived on the 17th and have yet to get a text or email to say that they have got it.
  13. Hi everyone! We are putting together our packet for ROC fo July, and we have three sworn affidavits from family and friends. We just realized one of them is not signed, it just has the typed name. Does this matter? Thanks!
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