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    Well our love story started in the super bowl night on Instagram and some few likes lead to texting each other followed by our first face time calls. We first met in person in Cali and it was the best journey we've ever made. After that we had a few more visits and in January I finally asked her the question. We wanted to wait for the visa until she met my family in July but right after that we were flying back to the us for the paperwork. From now on we have to wait on our visa journey...

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  1. Had the same thing happing to me, see my earlier post. I even got a letter from USCIS about it in the mail.
  2. I don’t know what’s going on with my case. They just send it around
  3. I was reading about that too and we have to schedule an Infopass to get the I-551? Stamp in our passports once we’re close to the 18 month limit
  4. Finally got an update on my case which I haven’t seen before here in this group. My LIN Case changed to: Case Transferred And New Office Has Jurisdiction. They will mail me a notice. Anyone else got this? I hope that doesn’t reset the waiting time.
  5. I’m a LIN filer too and I’m sure it’ll get close to that 18 month extension letter limit. Wich would be May. We’ll see, hoping for the best.
  6. I am also a LIN filer and the status hasn’t changed since Case was received. I was reading somewhere here in the Forum that the Naturalization Filing Fee will increase to over 1000 by October. So we are planning on filing before to avoid the Increase. See here
  7. Had my Biometrics Appointment today. Now we can really be back on the waiting game. One guy came with no ID and no letter and they did not let him in. So make sure you bring the Appointment letter + ID or at least your Greencard and the Appointment letter, just as it is stated on the letter itself.
  8. We sent it September 23rd. But as long as I have the extension letter I’m fine. I’m not stressing about this anymore.
  9. We’re from Chicago also filing at Nebraska. No update yet on the case after the NOA
  10. When did you send it? And when does your Conditional Green Card expire?
  11. Sent our package the 23rd and it got delivered today. We didn’t sent the form for the electronic notice, we’ll just take it easy this time. Did you all sent the marriage certificate again? We had to send it with the AOS paperwork so shouldn’t they have it already. We also made sure we wrote down the A# on all papers we sent in case USCIS loses things on their end.
  12. Hey guys, back to doing Paperwork and this one seems like a 50/50 thing. I´ve read a bunch of posts and I am preparing the Paperwork right now. I´ll send you guys the final list once its done. We´re also a little late 67 days left
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