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  1. I think k1’s that filed when we did got stuck in a weird hole. Since ALL I-485’s now get interviewed, that’s when the k1’s get their interview so we are the last stragglers that are ROC and haven’t yet gotten an interview by uscis
  2. An interview at the embassy is not necessarily an interview with uscis. I imagine this is why you have an interview. we had our interview Wednesday and the officer told us that this was the only reason why we were asked to come in.
  3. ROC interview today was a lot faster than expected. he said we were approved and will get a letter in two days. We will get our Green Card in 1-3 weeks. No update online. Still says ready to “schedule Interview” 🤷🏼‍♀️
  4. My husband and I have two joint checking accounts and a joint savings account at the same bank. We try to keep finances somewhat separated for the purpose of organization (im self employed so my income is different all the time) will this raise any issues? All of our income goes in and out of these 3 accounts. I also have -car insurance both names listed -joint tenant leases -wills -power of attorney -life insurance with me as beneficiary -joint tax returns -electric bill both names -renters insurance policy both names -photos -health insurance policy (my husband and I both covered) is this enough?
  5. Quick question.... all of our bank Statements are paperless, so we print them out. Should I reprint all the old statements (that I already submitted for I-752) or should I just bring the new ones?
  6. Yes, I have already written to my congressman suggesting to reverse the policy and reinstating interview waivers to help alleviate the backlog. please post your experience, is your interview in Chicago too?
  7. I’m in the same boat as you. I think our appointment is a week or two after yours. Following
  8. Yes, I got an interview appointment letter about a week later 🙂
  9. My husband came on a K1 we have our ROC interview coming up what do I need to bring? thank you in advance
  10. Update: received appointment for interview in mail. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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