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  1. I think you received the answers to all your questions in your previous thread:
  2. It doesn't matter whether or not you were in love. Chat history does not matter. If she was 17 when you married and parental consent was required, you have to show an official document as proof of parental consent.
  3. My understanding of the instructions is that your spouse is not required to sign if he does not live in the US. However, it sounds like you signed the document for him, in the box where his signature is supposed to be. I think the box had to be left blank (maybe they will have him sign it at the interview?). The instructions say that he does not need to sign, not that you can sign for him. I would send a new completed form, without your signature, and include a cover letter stating that he is not required to sign. You could even quote the instructions in your letter.
  4. You'll have to check with your local DMV to see what they require. In some states proof of having filed AOS is enough, in other states you need to have at least an EAD, and there are states where you have to wait for the green card before you can get a license.
  5. Make sure you file for EAD/AP with the Greencard application; it doesn't cost anything extra. The EAD is what she needs to be able to work, and in many states it is sufficient for a driver's license. My EAD took 6 months, but others got theirs sooner.
  6. Just a wild guess, but maybe he decided to only interview your wife to make sure she understood all those questions on the I485, because you stated that you had translated for her. He spoke her language, and was able to check her answers to these questions. And apparently that was the only concern he had, considering the short interview. I guess your AOS package looked good! Congrats!
  7. Read the question carefully. In Q53 you check yes, and in Q54 you describe your in person meeting. And of course you attach evidence. Do not leave any of these questions blank.
  8. Exactly. If my husband had viewed those first 90 days as a trial period, I would probably have been returned to the immigration store... 🤣 Those first months are tough, and do not give you any idea of what your normal life together is going to be like. I struggled a lot, and we discussed the option of me moving back, but we were confident that things would get much better when I would start working, building a social network, finding things to do, etc. And they did. After about a year here, I started to feel like my normal self again.
  9. MariekeH

    Packet 3 to Packet 4 Question

    If that email instructs him to schedule his interview, it is packet 4. If it is just a confirmation that they have received everything, it is not.
  10. In the Netherlands, there is no sealed medical envelope. The medical information just gets sent to the consulate, your fiancée does not need to do anything. She doesn't need to bring anything in a sealed envelope. I believe the instructions say documents in Dutch are allowed. But she will get those instructions in her packet 3.
  11. Even if you find a joint sponsor, your wife still have to complete an affidavit of support, as she is your main sponsor, the whole reason you would be moving to the US. So as I said earlier, you need to discuss if you have a future together.
  12. I see your fiancée is from the Netherlands. Does she know that RIVM has records of everyone who has been vaccinated as a child? So she does not need to try to get these records from a doctor. There is an online form to request vaccination records (https://fd10.formdesk.com/rivm/Aanvraag_vaccinatiebewijs), and it should only take a few weeks.
  13. So you arrived on a K1 a while ago, but left before you got married. Your second K1 was refused because the CO did not believe that you would get married. Then you did get married, filed for a CR1, and now your wife does not want to sign the affidavit of support. To me, it seems like she wants out of this marriage. You guys need to have an honest conversation about your future. No one here can help you.