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  1. I know it says that, and that’s why we figured we’d be okay. I mean, if I was you, even after reading my story, I’d still try because it’s horrible to be separated on a regular day, but during this - that’s a new level of cruel. If you’re not concerned about the time/travel, then go for it. Maybe you’ll get someone nicer from CBSA I hope you can be reunited soon ❤️
  2. My husband and I were in the same car and were told he could not enter. Staying with my family in Canada (I am a Canadian citizen) was not a reason for him to enter. Entry to a country where one is not a citizen is always discretionary. I certainly wouldn’t encourage someone to drive 6 hours to a border where she may be turned away, even with proof of marriage.
  3. My husband and I (he’s a USC & I am a Canadian citizen) were going to go stay with my parents (Ontario, Canada) and wait this situation out there. They have a large house, so we’d still have a private place, but we (specifically he) was turned around at the border (no biggie for us because we’re 5 minutes away from the bridge). Was told I could enter bc I am a citizen but that he could not, so I’d err on the side of caution and not attempt it, especially if you’re 6 hours from the border.
  4. Thanks everyone! I have the booklet, and I’m basically writing it out as well (that helps me learn), but was wondering what the format was bc the booklet is sorta multiple choice. Again, thank you for the input!
  5. Hey guys! Just looking for some information regarding the n400 civics test, to assist me in my studying. Is the test verbal or written? (Ie. Does the interviewer ask you the questions, or do you read them from a sheet of paper) Also, is it multiple choice or just a question and I have to provide the correct answer? Thanks! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these troubling times.
  6. If you get an interview notice, and the i751 is still pending, contact your congress rep office. I did that and they had my i751 moved to be adjudicated with the n400, so at least I know whenever this covid thing is under control, I will be wrapped up with the immigration journey. My n400 interview is for April 14th, but I don’t see that happening. Will be rescheduled.
  7. Question about this proposed government payment due to coronavirus: From the various reports I’ve watched (I limit my news intake because I have to keep calm) have said “all Americans” and some have said “all taxpayers”, which are two different things: I am a taxpayer but not an American. How does this affect us, as I know immigrants are not usually qualified for government financial aide. I’m mostly curious than anything else. I am very fortunate that there is no interruption to my income as my company can still operate remotely, but for others, who work in industries that are immediately impacted with closure (ie. Servers) how does this work for immigration? Has there been any reporting on that? I assume it’s too early in the development stages to have worked out the intricacies of who qualifies or what impact that accepting those funds would have on naturalization eligibility.
  8. Mine was scheduled for April 14th and I got a notice that it will be re-scheduled. I know we’re all anxious to get this process wrapped up, but this is for the best. We will get through it, but right now everyone’s safety is (and should) be of paramount concern. Stay safe everyone! 💙
  9. Agree. There is no real frame of reference for this situation which continues to escalate. I would have the non-USC enter the US as soon as possible.
  10. January 28th, 2020, which was exactly 1 year after filing the i751. My local office is Buffalo, NY, so it’s relatively small and quick in comparison to even other offices in NY state, but I’m pretty surprised at how fast this is coming.
  11. Ugh. So I have to print all my bank statements again? What a waste of paper.
  12. i751 - still pending (case status: we have received your case) n400 - interview scheduled for April 14. All the mixed emotions.
  13. Well, I got my interview date: April 14th. 5 weeks away! My anxiety is at an all time high bc of that darn i751 that’s still pending. Hopefully the Congressman’s office will get it moved, but also, I am excited to be SOOO close to being done. I read some weird stories about them (USCIS) sending an rfe after the interview for weird things, like an employment letter from a random employer from the past. Seems weird to me, but who knows what triggered that.
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