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  1. I used my cover letter to explain why my evidence was the way it was. We had separate car insurance bc I had trouble finding a company to take me, and he had 2 dui’s, so we had to wait until literally just before we submitted ROC to get a joint plan. Show the bank statements from when you did have an account together, and explain why you no longer do. Honestly, it’s better to preemptively explain any deficiencies at the get home than wait for an rfe or for it to come up in the interview. The purpose is to show a shared life - not everyone is going to have everything, but it looks like USCIS places heavy emphasis on financials. So have a joint account now and come interview time, you’ll have roughly a year worth of statements. Add an authorized user to credit cards. I used some affidavits as well. Sure, they don’t offer much in the way of probative evidence, but they certainly don’t hurt. Stick to maybe 10-15 photos, as those aren’t strong either. You can only send what you have, so use that covering letter to present your case in the best way.
  2. Oye - now my anxiety is rising because of course that would be something that happens to me. Thanks for that LOL just kidding. 😂😂 Did you go with your wife/step-kids to their biometrics? I wonder if they had the same experience as me. When I went, I was the last called for that appointment slot, and everyone else was back there at least 5 minutes. I was done in about 2. He only took my photo and one thumbprint. I believe when I went for the AOS biometrics, all 10 of my fingers were printed (scanned). I was hoping that this means they’re just reusing them. I don’t have a “common” name (married or maiden), and obviously nothing in my background to be worried about. I do have the receipt that is stamped, so if this worst case nightmare scenario does wind up being true, at least I have that to back it up. I’m also remembering how embarrassing it was because I thought the door was locked when I tried to go in, but turns out I just wasn’t using enough arm strength to open it. 😩
  3. There was someone earlier in this thread that’s already approved. Def not the norm though. September 2018 is encouraging!! I just hope my gigantic package is intact and makes it to someone’s desk that’s quick, caffeinated, and in a great mood 😂
  4. I’m at Vermont with a revived date of 1/28/19 and my status still says “case received”. Such a long, frustrating wait.
  5. This made me think about how close my window for citizenship is. I’m eligible in 96 days!! That’s soooo soon. I will just be glad when the whole journey is complete. I work down the street from the office, so basically drive by it everyday and it makes me wish they’d hurry up and receive it because I can’t see Buffalo being an ultra long wait especially in comparison to NYC, or LA or any TX office.
  6. I’m doing the thing I don’t want to do, and stressing out about this. I just saw a post with someone who filed in March/19 and someone in June/19 already being sent to their local office to wait for an interview. I know there’s some variation in the order they process, but June is 5 months from when I (we) filed. Surely, the variance can’t be THAT much. Mine still says “case was received”. Blah. I need to chill, I know, but comeeeee onnnn USCIS.
  7. Agree. My husband and I chose the K1 to be together quicker (which, isn’t really a selling point right now), so we were able to plan (read:save) for the months that I would be without work authorization. I think K1 is still a good option for some folks. OP and his significant other might be able to swing a few months without work/travel authorization. It makes me happy to see people research their options PRIOR to filing anything. Cuts down on the amount of head/heartache they will face during the journey.
  8. Just for clarity - you must be married for this process. Fiancé visas are only for USC’s.
  9. I mean you certainly can, but if you have a receipt notice, you know they have it, and it’s in queue. The wait time is long and customer service is likely only going to tell you the same thing you can see online.
  10. I filed in January. I did have a bio appointment in March (I think - check my timeline), but it wasn’t like it was the time for AoS, so perhaps they will skip? My case also still just says it was received. I wouldn’t worry - this leg is a long one, and everyone is going to be handed different. There’s already been a Jan 2019 filer who received the 10-year card without bio or interview. We’re all going to be processed differently. As long as you submitted everything on time, just sit back and relax.
  11. Great news Congratulations!! Safe travels and happy planning for the next leg of this journey
  12. No point in questioning semantics as this happens frequently. We get that you’re upset, but everyone has been through ups and downs with USCIS in our journeys to reunite with loved ones. The best thing you can can do is focus on the positive: they kept his passport, which is a very good sign that AP isn’t expected to be overly long. I would suggest allowing 10 business days to lapse, and if no update, send an email. I was approved on the spot, and told I would have visa in hand 7 days later. I didn’t. It still was in process, so I emailed the embassy, and later that day it was issued and mailed back to me. At the end of the day, they system is run by humans and errors and oversights occur. It sounds like the CO perhaps didn’t realize he would need your fiance’s CV to get final sign off. Try not to worry too much during the process as it will drive you bananas.
  13. RoC isn’t predicated on the fact that the marriage be successful, but rather that it was genuine when it started. Meaning, the government understands people divorce because things don’t work out, but they want to see good faith effort from the start to the end, that you weren’t just in it for a greencard.
  14. If possible - try to get to Quebec City. It’s absolutely stunning. I’m not a huge fan of Montreal so 2 days was all I wanted to do there, but agree for those who have to travel quite far to QC, it’s easier and cheaper to do it once. My husband and I were ~35 minutes away from each other NY and ON, so I always feel awful reading stories on here where people are plane rides away, because we were SO fortunate to be able to do weekends together or every other weekend. My heart breaks for everyone who has to wait months (or longer) between visits as I can only imagine that’s so taxing. Good luck to you both!
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