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  1. My husband was just ever so slightly above the 125% when we initially filed (due mostly to job loss). We didn’t have any problems at the K1 or AoS stage. Each case is unique though, and we had a co-sponsor as a backup if needed, so that may be something to look into if you’re worried.
  2. My husband (USC) has awful credit (mostly from delinquent student loans, but a few credit cards in collections) AND he has 2 dwi’s on his driving record. We have a shared bank account and he’s an authorized user on my credit card, so that’s a positive, and I’m going to explain his credit situation in my covering letter to explain why the car loan is only in my name. We do file our taxes jointly, and because of those student loans, I forfeit the refund I’m entitled to, but such is life I guess. I’m just happy when we don’t owe. Car insurance is separate because I couldn’t get him added to my policy due to his dwi’s, again, I’m going to explain that in my cover letter, though both titles are joint. I think the important thing is to just explain the “deficiencies”. As long as there is a reasonable explanation for things, you should be fine. Afterall, I’m sure the people who adjudicate the petitions don’t have perfect lives either
  3. 1.) Send the transcript from the IRS. I believe the online site is working again where you can obtain it instantly. You can also send the entire tax filing including all the w2’s etc. 2.) Where you send it depends on your state and method of delivery. Go to: https://www.uscis.gov/i-751 Click on “where to file”, find your state, and then determine if you’re sending by USPS or a courier.
  4. Cryssiekins

    K1 Visa Question regarding Roommate

    Your roommate and his fiancée will be fine. They are probably just overwhelmed with the whole process, and that’s totally normal. The attorney likely put them on edge too. Encourage them to do a whole lot more research, like visiting visajourney. The collective knowledge and experiences of people here will be tremendously helpful and reassuring for them during their journey.
  5. Cryssiekins

    K1 Visa Question regarding Roommate

    No. That’s normal and typical when you have a roommate. I meant not on each other’s taxes, not sharing a bank account or credit card, no joint car loan. Things that typically a husband and wife would do. Splitting the rent/utility bills is what any adult, regardless of relationship status does when living with a roommate.
  6. Cryssiekins

    K1 Visa Question regarding Roommate

    Having worked at a law firm that had an immigration division, I will tell you an attorney will usually always err on the side of an abundance of caution. There could be a multitude of reasons why they were advised of this, such as raising questions about the validity of the relationship or what the true relationship is between the parties is. Maybe someone is petitioning an alien fiancée to cover up a homosexual relationship that may be frowned upon, and the alien fiancée receives an immigration benefit for her part in creating a “normal” looking family dynamic. Personally, I think things like that are an EXTREME stretch, but attorneys are trained to consider all possible situations. In reality, a lot of couples live with someone, like parents or a sibling. It bears no relevance on the K1 petition though. As long as you don’t co-mingle finances or depend on your roommate, it would not be of any consequence to them.
  7. I think you’re confused: the conditional resident is the petitioner, therefore the one who signs page 7, with the USC spouse signing on page 8. It states that if you selected filing based on having a USC/LPR spouse that they have to read and sign the petition in part 8. Part 8 then clarifies that will be the signature of the person listed in part 4 (spouse). Since people can file i751 with various waivers, the petitioner is the individual who needs to have the conditions removed.
  8. My AoS was processed at the NBC and we had the interview waived. I’m hoping I’ll have a combo interview for the 751 and the 400 I plan on filing next January. Still a long way off, but getting closer to the end of this journey that began over 3 years ago.
  9. My window just opened last week, and I have been working on the evidence portion (like actually downloading our bank statements etc) since early October bc I knew it would come down to the wire and I would have to chase stuff down. Unfortunately, one of the items I’m waiting for is what I feel is a piece of crucial evidence, so definitely need that, though should be, within a week or so. It’s time sensitive, so worst case, it will be before the end of January. My GC doesn’t expire until beginning of April, so I have some cushion. I empathize though, because I usually wait on things thinking it will be easy to get stuff together, but it never is.
  10. Hang in there. Only been a couple days. At least we know they are working and processing things. 👍 Hopefully you’ll see the check cashed before end of week 🤞 I need to get mine out ASAP, to ensure I receive the extension letter as quickly as can be expected. Just waiting on a few last minute items to put in the package.
  11. Cryssiekins

    Ontario Birth Certificate

    The one I ordered was the certified copy of birth registration. Didn’t have a problem getting a marriage license or with USCIS. It literally had everything hand filled in by my mother (so a total mess, and lots of cross outs haha). It does NOT look legitimate at all (in comparison to my husband’s birth certificate from NY).
  12. It doesn’t. My best guess is they use the address associated with that filing. Additionally, I feel like not 100% of filings even get the reminder. It’s probably a box they have to check or something 🙄
  13. Cryssiekins

    Previous spouse.

    I worked with a woman who married and divorced the same man 3 times. I remember the first time she told me that I was at a loss for words. Sometimes people are so connected, they do silly things in spite of the toxicity of their marriage. Though, her divorce lawyer was probably enjoying the repeat business. In the case of this poster, I’m not judging their situation, but I can totally see this being an uphill battle because this kind of behavior is certainly not typical, and depending on the timeline of divorce, marriage, citizenship, divorce, and re-marriage, it could pose a HUGE red flag.
  14. Cryssiekins


    Sure. See the attached. For anyone not familiar with filling out affidavits, the top portion would look something like this: I, Jane Doe, born on January 1, 1900, and residing at 123 Main Street in the City of Buffalo, in the County of Erie, in the State of New York, am the mother of John Doe, and being duly sworn, deposes and says the following: The template is one used when the affidavit is being notarized. I don't think the ones submitted to USCIS are required to be notarized (ie. it can simply be a letter they write, date, and sign) but having it notarized shows USCIS that someone holding a public office verified the identity of the individual signing. Having it notarized does NOT mean the statements made within it are true. This is not meant to constitute legal advice in any way, shape, or form. Just something to assist with someone who may not have a strong enough prima facie submission. Affidavit_Blank.doc Affidavit_Blank.doc
  15. Cryssiekins


    Affidavits are secondary evidence. They certainly won’t be enough on their own, but there is no harm in including them, especially for folks lacking stronger evidence, or for certain couples go need to front load the petition. You can send me a message with your email and I can send you a template I created for the affidavits my husband and I are sending with our RoC.