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  1. Talked to IRS, they are missing one of the W2s and yeap they did say its a miscalculation (on their end), instead of 6 months in between where my spouse changed his job. We just need to send them another copy. At least it isnt the cash issues. It is really strange that if they're missing one W2 how would they calculate and added a whole year of x2 pay into it and states the differences. Anyway all we need to do is to send them another copies of W2s, they said they have "miscalculate" it. Don't worry I have all copies of documents, withdrawals, copies of tax returns way back to 2015. Thanks to the filing process. Im just hope I won't be getting any issues for 2019. *fingers crossed*
  2. So I brought US dollars more than 10K and declared at customs. I did not deposit into a bank in 2018, I went straight into an ATM and deposit it. They're not regular payments, its a gift to support me as I wasn't working back then during AOS. The amount is more than 10k but less than 100k, I have declared it at customs while bringing them(US dollars) in but did not fill up FinCEN form. I guess because I deposited into ATM machine instead of in person at that time, it is highly possible that they probably think it is an income. I actually have kept the original bank withdrawal slips from my parents' bank accounts and letter information given by my parents that the monies are a gift. I'm trying to provide IRS the information and documents that I have but currently, reaching out to them is tough, gonna keep trying. There are only 2 possibilities, either they think my spouse had two jobs at the same time for a whole year, or it could be the cash deposits.
  3. Hi Wuozopo, thank you for such great information. We are still trying our best to reach IRS, unfortunately, we have been trying to call them for past 3 days, they kept telling us that they will get back to us by calling us but no avail. So here are my two assumptions since there is no information on the letter, only thing that states is "differences that we filed, we are missing a whopping $$ of income". So back in 2018, my husband had a job change twice, hence there are 2 W2s, however, I believe it is either they have calculated as TWO INCOMES per year, basically x2. OR It also can be the reason that I have banked in US dollars into ATM machine without depositing through bank. I remembered back in the days when I first arrived in 2015, I banked in via deposit in person and they made me filled a form, my monies were "federal withheld" for a period of time, a % of money were taken out and I had to deal with that issue. And nope I did not file for any forms online or in person. Getting on the phone and contacting them is tough, I have to just keep trying. There is actually a deadline to response, if I do not pay up, I will have to end up with more penalty.
  4. So I looked into the adjustments, by looking at it, the salary I filed is correct, and they said that there is a whopping difference, (which they calculated from employer/financial institutions as it states) which makes no sense. So I guess it is the cash money that I brought in and they probably thinks its income. I'll call them and see how it goes. Makes no sense to pay that much when our income is low. Thanks for the tip, definitely going to call them early.
  5. Hey guys, I'm wondering if any of you faces the same situation before could help me with this. I have received my 10 year greencard in Sept 2019, and I recently filed for 2019 Taxes married jointly, I am not working and have not started working yet but will soon after my health recuperates, my USC spouse is working though, and we had no issues with it. We used TurboTax software to file. Here comes the problem, today we received a mail from IRS stating that in 2018 I have owe a whopping of 5k taxes and asked us to pay right away. We have filed for 2018 taxes and during that time my USC spouse did not make much money, basically just hit little over poverty guideline. We paid taxes in 2018 but it appears that they said its a "readjustments" to the taxes. As one section says: "This section tells you what income information the IRS received about you from others including your employers, banks, mortgage holders,etc) This information doesn't match the information you reported on your tax return. However the salary part is correct..we both has no other investments. I am suspecting that it is because I have brought in some cash from my country given by my parents and banked into my US bank account. I do not have any foreign banks that exceeds 10k /investments or foreign income. Can this be the reason why they're charging us more than what we should pay? If yes, is it possible that I can provide them proof from my parents testifying the funds are actually a loan to support me until I have found a job? I'm not sure how this happens but 5k of taxes owe is ALOT to me. Again, we did file jointly for 2015 - 2019 taxes and paid accordingly. I'm calling the IRS on monday to figure this out, I really can't afford to pay that much now. Its insane! Thanks in advance guys.
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