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  1. Thanks for the updates MeghanK! Yes our HR Block person also had to reach out to other advisers. They're still working on it now. Hopefully it'll all turn out ok! For anyone who may be interested about the Canadian side, my husband and I were on the phone with CRA for about 1.5 hours ( a lot of holds and transfers). After a lot of confusion what they told us agreed with what everyone was saying on these threads which was reassuring. I will however have an accountant in Canada do it for me since I'm still not quite 100% confident in my tax filing abilities. I haven't looked at the tax forms myself therefore I don't want to accidentally confuse anyone, but I want to point out that calling the CRA is pretty helpful to answer case specific questions. They also confirmed for me that yes indeed the day I left Canada (crossed with K-1) was the day I become a non-resident. And I understood from them that for the portion of the year I was a resident and worked in Canada I will be taxed as such.
  2. Hi MeghanK, I was hoping I could ask you about how you guys did your Canadian and US taxes since our timelines are similar. I entered on a K1 July 15, 2019 (married the next day, currently AOS pending). I pass the substantial presence test so I'm understanding I'm a US resident for tax purposes ( I visited a lot before moving here). What about the 6.5 months I lived in Canada prior to moving here? Did your husband mark his residency in Canada for tax purposes as non-resident (as of what date?) or deemed non-resident? Just curious to see how you guys understood the residency requirements for both countries. I'd also love to hear about your experience with H&R Block if you don't mind. We visited a local branch recently and we're are still unsure whether their going to be a good fit for our situation. Thanks for reading all this ! I know it's a lot, much appreciated !
  3. Thanks for the input and clarification!
  4. Hoping someone could confirm what I think to be correct regarding TFSAs closure and needing to declare interest on US taxes. I closed my TFSA and converted it all in USD and placed all this into a non interest generating checking account a few months before moving to the US and getting married. My husband and I are planning to file Married Joint for 2019 (moved to US and married in July ). Since closing the TFSA the sum in USD has not generated any interest income so nothing to report there. When I closed the TFSA there was some interest generated I believe, do I report this on our US taxes? If so do I need to convert to amount into USD ? at what exchange rate? Also does the fact that I bought US currency before leaving Canada have any tax implications for the Canadian taxes? I read somewhere something about if you bought US currency and the exchange rates are now different (which probably they are) you have to see if there was a gain or something? I'm really confused since it seems like a lot of hassle for something that is just bringing my money with me when moving countries. However, I want to make sure I don't overlook anything or accidentally make a mistake on taxes. Thanks for any input!
  5. Hi everyone, I know these posts haven't been updated in a long while but I was hoping someone could shed some light on the whole TFSA thing in the situation that the TFSA was closed before moving to the US and the remaining money was put in a checking account. My account is still open even after moving to the US. Do I still need to report any interest if we end up filing Married Joint even though the TFSA interest occurred before I got married/moved to the US. Also I believe since moving it into the checking account the interest has been very little and I'm pretty sure my bank hasn't given me any kind of interest earnings statement. In this case do I just go month by month and add up the amounts? Thanks!
  6. Just thought I'd give a quick update on how the travel to Puerto Rico went. I traveled with my Canadian Passport and used that as my ID (bought the tickets in my maiden name and the CAD passport is still in my maiden name). I traveled with my state ID and all immigration paperwork just in case. Thankfully I was not questioned or stopped at any point regarding why I was traveling with a Canadian passport, and indeed as many here have confirmed, since Puerto Rico is part of the US I did not encounter any immigration officials. Thanks for everyone's advise!
  7. I just wanted to give a heads up and clarification for anyone who may have a Class 7 (N, New) drivers license from British Columbia, Canada, looking to convert it to a Washington state license. Earlier this year before leaving Canada I decided to research the process of converting the license since I had heard that BC and WA have an agreement which allows the applicant to receive their license in WA without extra tests so long as they had a BC license. At the time I was preparing for my final test in order to get Class 5 (full license). However, I decided to cancel my test due to some wrong information I received regarding this process. I had read online someone else's experience stating that they received a full WA license coming from BC with a class 7. Wanting to verify that this indeed was true I called the licensing office in my current city in WA and received yet another confirmation that indeed I could bring my N license and get a full WA license. However, this has not been proven to be true. I'm not sure if maybe the policies have changed in the last few months or if I spoke with someone who was very misinformed, but after going to the licensing office yesterday they told me I would need to take a knowledge and driving test here before I could be allowed to drive. It came as a surprise after the info I had previously received, and of course I regret not going through with my test earlier this year. If anyone else has gone through this specific type of license exchange or process I'd love to hear any advise/experience. Hope this will be helpful to anyone looking to move from BC to WA
  8. Hi, I was hoping to hear from anyone who has recently traveled to Puerto Rico or another US territory while their AOS is pending (no Advance Parole). My greencard is currently processing, and I am working on getting a US drivers license asap. My husband and I have plans to travel to PR next month. I understood from various sources including an USCIS webpage that since PR is part of the US, advance parole is not needed. And as such, my understanding is that travelling directly to PR from the US mainland and flying back should be fine (except in the case of an emergency landing outside US territory). I am hoping to travel with my licence, my Canadian passport, and to carry with me all immigration documentation to prove my active greencard pending status. For the sake of immigrant paranoia and since a few people online had said they still consider this type of travel a bit risky, I was hoping to hear from someone who had experienced in this kind of travel, and perhaps get some reassurance. Thank you!
  9. Review - Montreal Consulate Interview: I wanted to review my experience at the consulate in the hopes this will be helpful for others. I arrived a little after 6 am at the consulate and I was the first one there. At 7:30 the door was opened, and we were allowed inside one at a time. While waiting I had the opportunity to talk with many of the other applicants who were really nice, which was great. After I was allowed inside I was greeted by a lady who asked for my appointment confirmation email and passport. She then gave me a laminated sheet with a number #1 and then I went through security. The rules I read on the door outside was no liquids, gels, powders, etc. in our purse and the purse must be small. I only had a few items in my purse and I didn't bring my phone (others brought theirs but I'm not sure where they put them). I went through security with no problems. I then went into a room where we had a chance to arrange our documents in the order specified on the laminated sheet. We were all then escorted to an elevator that took us to the main room where the interview would be. Shortly after, I was called up to one of the booths and was asked to give my papers one by one through the designated slot under the glass. The lady who took the papers was very nice. A couple of key things that I think may help other applicants regarding paperwork: ~For the Affidavit of Support I gave as much evidence as possible having read multiple VJ reviews: * Brought 3 years of tax returns, transcripts and W2s (she only wanted last years) * Employment letter and additional email proof of my fiance's company's policies as to why the letter doesn't mention whether the position is temp or permanent (and explained this to the lady who said that's fine) * 6 recent paystubs * Signed letter from the bank stating current total, date opened, etc - Due to another policy at the bank I also brought 12 months of bank statements to show the total amount deposited since the signed bank letter did not include this total for the previous year (again I mentioned this to the lady and she was okay with that) I had originals and copies of the required Packet 3 documents, a copy of my passport bio-metrics page, and in my case I also had my foreign birth certificate translated professionally. I was also asked to show the email with proof of payment for the interview. After handing her all the documents asked for I sat back down and waited about 15 min or so until I was called up to another booth where the actual interviewer was. The interview itself was pretty quick and the questions were nothing too surprising. I was asked about the details of my immigration/citizenship in Canada, how/when I met my fiance, how/why we decided to marry (mainly because we got engaged not too long after meeting) and lastly, about his employment. The lady interviewing me was super nice and put me right at ease. I was able to explain things in a calm and comfortable fashion which was great. She then gave me the long awaited for pink slip and explained to me the steps to receiving my visa in the mail. In total it took just under 1 hour from the time I entered the building to complete everything. After the interview, I checked our case status on the CEAC case tracker and saw that on the same day the status changed from "Ready" to "Application Received". The next day after my interview it went to "Administrative Processing". This morning, 2 days after, it was Issued !! About 2 hours later I got a email notification from Canada Post with info to track my package. 😄
  10. Hi don_mar, As far I can tell in BC Tdap immunization is only free for children/high school students but not for adults. I didn't get this info from my family doctor but rather a nurse at the local immunization clinic and from online. Definitely worth asking tho if someone is living elsewhere in Canada.
  11. Hi everyone, I have recently completed my medical exam in Surrey, BC with Dr Cheema and I wanted to provide a review of my experience for all the applicants that may be curious as to how it went. My experience at Dr. Cheema's office was very positive! The time it took being there was a little over a hour (15 min waiting after TDap shot). The ladies at the front desk were polite and helpful. Make sure to double check the info on the forms they give you with your personal info since my birthday and email had been incorrectly entered, but they kindly corrected it. After I was called inside, I was weighed, my height taken and then Dr. Cheema asked me some medical history questions. The questions were standard health questions, no surprises. Since I have always been in good health there was nothing of particular medical concern. I had all of my vaccines in order ( MMR 2 doses and TDap at birth and second dose later on) but I requested another TDap (paid $45) since I wanted a booster which is recommended once every 10 years. Just to clarify though, they told me this booster was not specifically needed for the K-1 requirements but I thought it might be helpful to have an up-to-date vaccine record for the AOS and for my peace of mind. The price was also good compared to travel clinics in my area. After the questions, he checked my blood pressure, lungs, eyes and vision test (bring contacts or glasses!), ears and he pressed on my abdomen, basically the kind of standard medical exam I have also had in the past. I was very glad that it was not more invasive and that I didn't have to change/undress, and also that he was very polite and put me at ease. I had read on here other reviews which pointed out that as long as the applicant doesn't have any major medical concerns the medical exam is fast and easy. Can't stress enough how thankful I am for other medical exam reviews on this website since it gave me a lot of peace of mind going into my appointment. After leaving Dr. Cheema's office I followed the instructions given by the ladies at reception to go to LifeLabs nearby for the bloodwork and to another building for the chest x-ray. The building for Lifelabs had sufficient parking and the process there was pretty fast, probably less than 20 min. Afterwards I went to the Medical Imagery Clinic. Although it is like a 1 min drive away from the lab the location/parking I found to be awkward and kinda tricky. I spent a lot of time trying to find the right entrance and parking. The address seemed to direct me to its old location whereas the clinic is in the building next door (instructions written on a paper on the door of the old location). Parking is available at the back of the new building, but when I was there it was all taken. I had to find street parking but some of the streets appeared to only allow residents to park. Thankfully I found parking on 82nd street. In total the chest x-ray took about 45 min since the place was packed. Apart from the parking situation everything else went smoothly. Thanks! Side note - for anyone interested, there is a great thrift store in the area called Talize (highly recommend it) and also a small one called Penny Savers
  12. Thanks for the input everyone, much appreciated. I did actually manage to confirm with Dr. Cheema's office that indeed a skin test should not be required only the chest x-ray.
  13. Hi everyone, I was hoping someone could confirm for me whether or not at the K-1 medical exam with Dr. Cheema (Surrey, BC) if they were tested for Tuberculosis via a skin test. I was immunized as a baby with B.C.G, which is known to produce false positives in TB skin tests, and I want to make sure this won't in some way delay the visa process. This vaccine was mandatory in my birth country, but isn't in Canada, so I think most Canadian fiances don't have this problem. I thought I would ask if anyone has encountered this during their medical for the K-1. It does seem to be something I will need to deal with when doing the medical exam for the adjustment of status. If someone has encountered this during the adjustment process, any info regarding that would be appreciated. My main concern tho is for the upcoming medical exam. Thanks!
  14. I wanted to share my experience with receiving Packet 4 and the steps that followed in case someone is awaiting Packet 4 in the next little while. I received my Packet 4 the day after submitting Packet 3 via email (after a long delay in Packet 3). In the Packet 4 email there was a link to schedule my interview appointment. I followed the link and found the K Visa section in the website provided. In the K Visa section, I clicked on "create a new account". I was then prompted to choose from the options listed in "Please select the condition that applies to you" section, and I clicked on the option that says I had received instruction to proceed with scheduling a K Visa interview. After filling in the required information, I then had the option to pay online ( I paid via credit card) and I received a confirmation email for paying the $265 fee. I saw in other forums some confusion about whether it needs to be paid in cash or online before the system allows you to book your interview date. In my case, I was able to pay online. I think Packet 4 is misleading since it says that K-1 Visas are to be paid only in cash. I have no idea why there is so much contradictory information, but thankfully seeing the comments in previous forums let me know to pay via online. I was then shown the first available date (July 10) and I could see the Wednesdays in July after and including the 10th were open. I then selected my interview time. Once I had completed that I was given the option to pay an extra $21 to have the visa sent to my home address rather than having to go pick it up at a PO Box. Once all this was complete I then received emails confirming both the two payments and the interview date chosen. It was pretty quick overall.
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