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  1. Mailed ours and Post Office confirmed delivery November 13. Still no NOA1 😢
  2. Did I miss something. I did say you “can’t”. Was that not clear enough
  3. Technically you cant get a Visitors Visa with the intent to marry and adjust upon entry. If she has a Visa already it will be up to how she answers the question at her POE.
  4. Ok he asked about NOA1 which is basically the receipt that they have received your petition and are processing it. Clearly we know that adjudication means a decision has been rendered which will take months. However a NOA1 in prior to COVID was taking a week to receive
  5. They do process them, pre-covid. I received an NOA1 within a week. Now post-covid nothing....... and like his my was received in early November
  6. What in God’s green earth would cost 30k in one year in Sri Lanka. Certainly appears like a huge red flag to me. i was so afraid to fly as well. Asking for a medical waiver for that, denied. I went to my doctor was prescribed medication to ease the anxiety and it was just fine. I had to fly to New York, then to my destination. A one hour and 30 minute flight and a 7 and a half hour flight. The lay over gave me time to regroup and take another dose of medication. I have flown like 5 times now. No issues and the fear is gone. I truly understand it took me 2 years to finally work up the courage
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