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  1. You don’t have not one photo, nor any witnesses. That sounds odd, and only one visit. While photos are not in totality used as evidence, something raised an eyebrow thus the RFE. So you met, went to a Hotel for xxxx amount of days, never once took a photo and bo one witnessed this “just heard of it”. Were both your names on the hotel receipt. Any documents together with both names perhaps. Maybe making a second trip might help and re-filing Clearly USCIS has doubt a meeting took place 🤷🏽‍♀️
  2. Why would you not have one single photo of you and your fiancé together, that concerns me.
  3. I would include passport stamps also photos are good. If you sent what you said, there is some doubt. I think including some photos would help, what could it hurt. Besides, what would it hurt if you have them. How long was the stay ? Clearly they were not convinced you were together so this is the time for overkill. Unless, you saying you don’t have one single photo together
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