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  1. Yeah, I went into another new AP, this time I don't why. It has been 10 months now and nothing from not even replies from my emails.
  2. Yea that's what i thought but i went into Administrative Processing again, I emailed them weekly but no answer from them. Of course after this AP I will need another medical again.
  3. I had my interview in June 2022 and I was refused under 221G because I was missing a document. After eleven month (May 2023) the consulate told me that my Administrative processing was completed and I need to submit my passport, that missing document and a new medical which I did on may 24th 2023. Now my case is still on administrative processing. My question is that how long more do I have to wait. its been an additional 6 months since i submitted those documents NB: My passport is still at the embassy since may 24th. Visa category:IR1 Us embassy of Dakar (Senegal).
  4. no update yet, i've been emailing them non stop but i always get the same generic email answer.
  5. I'm going through the same situation. after interview i was given ds 5535, i waited 11 months for the AP to be completed, the asked to submit passport, missing document and a new medical report. i've submitted since may 24th, my passport is still with them and as i was told i' m in AP again.
  6. I got the same, they asked me to submit a new medical and passport after my AP completed, its been 4 months since i submitted the documents, nothing yet, they told me to i'm in AP again.
  7. hello there, around the same time i had my interview and right after i got ds 5535. i was told that the AP is completed and I need to submit my passport and new medical exam. submitted since may 24th, up until now i'm waiting my wife (us citizen) has inquired but they told her that it is back in AP again. june 16th, 2022 first interview may 6th 2023 1st AP completed may 24th documents submitted october 23rd still waiting.
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