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  1. I am looking for clarification for the K-1 process. Once USCIS sends the NOA2 showing the case was approved June 27, 2024, we now wait for NVC to contact the petitioner and beneficiary, correct? This is where I am confused, do we send documents to NVC for the K-1 to get a "documentarily approved" status, and then the case is forwarded to the embassy to schedule the interview. Or, does NVC just receive the case, assign the case number, and forward on immediately to the embassy where they then contact beneficiary and petitioner with the documents needed and interview scheduling procedure?
  2. Does anyone know how the processing service center is assigned for an I-129F?
  3. Does anyone know approximately how long it takes to have your documents returned after the embassy takes your passport and documents? In Dakar are you returning to the embassy to collect the documents and passport or is there another location?
  4. Yes we have a divorce decree , (“Extrait de Divorce” – Applications for this document need to be submitted to the La Mairie’s office that has jurisdiction over the region where the divorce took place) that meets the document requirements outlined by the State Department. However, the embassy staff turn the beneficiaries away stating they will only accept Jugement de Divorce”from the “Greffier de Tribunal Civil” where the judgment of divorce was pronounced. Has anyone else experienced the embassy not accepting the documents? If anyone has any experience in this area that would be helpful, and how you navigated the process.
  5. I'm curious if anyone has any experience or knowledge about document requirements. My beneficiaries attended their visa interview, IR-2 category, and were given a deficiency checklist for an original marriage license and original divorce decree. We provided both documents but they are now being told the divorce decree must come from a "tribunal court" (Senegalese equivalent their highest court) and not the local City Hall. This information is not written on a checklist they agent at the document window will only give this information verbally to the beneficiaries when they present the documents at the embassy. I've reached out to the Congressional Liaison and they were given the same information that is on the checklist and are being told the divorce decree only needs to be an original. Has anyone else experienced the embassy not accepting the documents? We have tried to have a divorce decree issued through a "Tribunal court" and we have lost $5k paying lawyers and never getting anything or on a court schedule. If anyone has any experience in this area that would be helpful.
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