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  1. I've known more than 10 couples that did not have to wait until AOS or EAD to change the name. All of them went to SSA after about 1-2 weeks of entry to get the original card, got married a few weeks later, took the marriage certificate back in and got an updated card with no problems. That's probably what we're going to have to do. thanks.
  2. Hey all... I'm pretty sure this is just a case of my local SSA office doesn't know what they're doing, but I was hoping to find proof of actual policies or something I can take in. Wife entered 9/19 on K1, Married 10/12. We got her original SS card a few weeks after entering the country, and now that we're married we attempted to go back and get her card updated in her married name. First visit, we forgot the printed copy of I-94 at home and was turned away. Second visit, we brought everything but both the lady who called our number and her supervisor said they would not change her surname on her SS card without her documentation with DHS matching. She claimed her I-94 was no longer valid since we came on a K1 and now that we are married, we must update her surname with DHS first, before they will process the SS card name update. Any advice? Anyone can point to the actual policies about this? We're in Illinois, but I don't see how that should matter for Federal purposes. Thanks!
  3. Will do, though going to wait until we're all settled in at home! Really excited though. I see your POE is coming up, that has to be exciting!!! Hoping to have ours around the end of the month, but no later than Sept 14th, because I'm tired of being far away!
  4. We got approved... though I hear it was not an easy interview compared to many of the reviews for our embassy, lots of questions.... but the important part is we got our approvals and can book plane tickets as soon as she has her visa in hand!
  5. My fiance will have her interview in.... about 3 hours! I'm super excited! She was incredibly nervous, and I tried to tell her not to worry.... but she will anyway! Hopefully soon I'll be booking our plane tickets!
  6. It's hard to say when they get started, it was around the very beginning of the month, but then it seems like it would slip 2-4 days each month for a few months in a row. Sadly, the scans don't work any more I don't think and the VJ timelines is the best way we have to make estimates on.
  7. Fantastic news!!! I hope to to be finished with ours in about.... 3 weeks!
  8. I would put business.
  9. Just updating.... we're finished with the medical exam, have the results packet in hand. We'll be scheduling the interview next, hopefully for something in the 1st or second week in August. Each steps gets a bit more exciting and closer to finally being together again!
  10. Sorry to hear the wait, that's painful.... Did you submit and inquiry and see what they say? I think many of the ones taking longer are due to additional background checks. I wish you luck and hope you will have an answer soon!
  11. x_driven_x

    Interview experience (split)

    We have not yet scheduled the interview. We just finished the medical exam, and will work on scheduling the interview next, and will probably schedule it for early August, as the remaining portion of July is busy for us. I am not planning on attending the interview, though I know my fiance is planning on going to Kyiv the night before and finding a nearly hotel to stay in. I see @Alabamak1 has responded, and he's been through this and attended the interview if I am not mistaken. He'd be great to help answer your questions!
  12. She's not even in the US yet, was just thinking ahead. I think you're right though... might be best just to do surname after marriage to keep it easier all around while there's still more paperwork to do and travel needed on her Ukrainian passport.
  13. x_driven_x

    Transit Visa

    Sorry - I should have said "Transit Visas on Demand / On Entry"
  14. x_driven_x

    Transit Visa

    They cannot fly through the US without a visa. The US does not have transit visas. You're going to have to fly them through a different airport outside of the country. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/iti-transit
  15. I know changing a last name after marriage is extremely common and not an issue, but what about also changing her first and middle name at the same time? She's Ukrainian, and her current "middle" name is the Patronymic name after her father. She wants to give herself a chosen middle name, and also change up her first name to something close, but not quite a direct derivative of her translated given name. Will this cause any issues for AOS or other parts of the immigration process, assuming our state allows for it as part of the post-marriage name change?