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  1. Thank you!🙂
  2. Im just confused right now because before St. Luke’s was using Tuberculin skin test for kids which make it 3 days for kids. And now they’re using IGRA test for kids which the result is available the second day of medical.. so I really dont know what to follow because Im planning to do the medical Thursday and Friday
  3. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Does anyone here know how many days is the medical exam with k2 (5 years old) at St. Luke’s? Thank you.
  5. I will. Thanks!
  6. Yeah.. as this site is helpful. Thanks! http://www.visaconnection-philippines.com/k-1-visa-application.html
  7. Finally got our case number too!
  8. May 23rd on the letter and 24th on the website I will.. thanks!
  9. NVC received our case today but didnt have case number yet😒 👎🏼
  10. Hello guys! Just got approved. 😊😊😊 November 13 filer here.
  11. I know the feeling😢 November 13 filer here.. praying to receive an approval real soon🙏🏼
  12. Hi! Im in the process of my k1 visa, hopefully we’ll get the approved visa next year, 2018. But the thing is, my passport will expire 2019. What should I do? Renew my passport now while we’re still waiting? Does obtaining a new passport will affect the process? Thank you!