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  1. Hello, Ours is also a similar situation; we married for more than 2 years but we lived together for 8 months only because delay in visa processing and false promises. I asked for no fault divorce; and he agreed. The guys family said If he files for divorce ; he has to pay 30% of the property so I agreed to start divorce ; to save him paying that to me. No one was there to guide me and I stayed with one of his friends place . Soon after filing divorce he hired a Lawyer and put all the clauses on divorce agreement and tried to deport me. I didn't sign that document. As I was not working and no income I was in very difficult condition.We didn't had a joint bank account, no tax filling; but on the property my name is included. Have pictures of trips we made; At the moment I have a job. Please keep in touch....
  2. Congratulations! We have recently file in the Month of January 2019 going through the same situation.
  3. The USCIS is not considering religious wedding to process CR1 visa. We did the same and our application got rejected. We then hired a lawyer who suggested us to start the entire process once again and to provide with civil marriage certificate.
  4. Dear Member Can you share your lawyer address please. We do have the same situation and don't know how to move forward. Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Dear Could you please suggest a lawyer who can help us to submit our case similar to this?
  6. Hello Sir, We have to submit documents to remove condition after divorce by end of January 2019 . We need to hire a lawyer as such I request if you can help to find a lawyer for us for a reasonable fee, who has experience in this field . We are waiting for your response. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks, Our location is Dallas . Can u suggest any good Attorney plz.
  8. Glad to know we got approved. Did you hire a Attorney or you did the paperwork yourself. How much the Attorney will charge ? Will you share your Attorney contact details pls. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience My friend is also going through the same stress . She divorced her husband recently after almost 3 years of marriage and has not claimed from her ex-husband. He is rich and doing very well . It was a good faith arranged marriage as per Indian tradition but didn't work . Hope she will be able to lift condition from her greencard. Thank you for sharing your experience . If you could kindly share the Lawyer details who must have helped you in this regards. Thanks
  10. Jess, Could you please share the lawyer name and as my friend goes through the same and she lives in Oklahoma. She has to consult a lawyer,
  11. I find your timeline very interesting as my friend goes through the same.
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