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  1. We are just calling USCIS. That's the second time that we got kicked out / that somebody hang up after waiting around half an hour. Yesterday the same. 😡
  2. Hey all. We got a RFE, actually no biggie. But it says on the bottom page 1 of 2 and we got only 1 page. Did anybody of you have the same issue? We will call USCIS but I'm freaking out at the moment.
  3. Hi, ich hatte jede Menge Pakete verschickt, bestimmt 10. Alle sind angekommen, sogar die, die ich in der Weihnachtszeit losgeschickt hatte. Allerdings konnte ich die dann selber in den USA in Empfang nehmen. 😊
  4. Hey, is anybody else here whose case is being handled by the office in Lee's summit, MO? I'm surprised that they handle our case even if we live and filed in California.
  5. Here. We filed for AOS from K1 on 18 March, Biometric appointment was on 19 April. Since then nothing happened. I read somewhere that the waiting period in California takes much more time than in all other states. Not sure, if that is right, but it seems so. Pretty frustrating. At least I'd love to get finally the EAD, so I could start to look for a job and getting my DL. Where in California are you living?
  6. Das Problem ist, dass nicht jede Fluggesellschaft jede Rasse mitnimmt. Und auch nicht zu jeder Jahreszeit. Aber es stimmt, dass die Fluggesellschaften günstiger sind. Es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, das zu recherchieren.
  7. Hey. Erst einmal alles Gute für den weiteren Verlauf. Nutzen die Wartezeit zum loswerden von Sycgen, die du nicht mehr brauchst. Ich bin im Dezember mit meinen Katze eingereist. Bzw. meine Katzen waren etwas eher hier. Ich habe einen Tierspediteur beauftragt, Gradlyn, das lief gut. Miezies sind heil und entspannt angekommen 😄
  8. Finally we are ready. We just send the AOS package to the Chicago lockbox. I hope, we didn't forget anything.
  9. Hi, actually we planned to file in February but my vaccination record got lost and now we are waiting for the copy. Meanwhile filling in all needed forms. Good luck to all and a lot of patience.
  10. Hey, seems that I have a little problem. I lost my vaccination report (and I don't know why I didn't make copies 🤪). I asked the doc to send me the record again and they will. Unfortunately by snail mail, they are not able to send it per email (#######). Here's the problem, I assume, the mail will arrive within 2 weeks. My passport says, I'm allowed to stay until 18th of March. So that is a rough timeframe now. If I would send the documents in later than the 18th March, is that a not allowed overstay?
  11. Hi all, we got married on the 15th January and just started to fill in the I-485. May the next waiting period begin. Good luck to all!
  12. Ich hatte noch Fotos, Facebook Posts und Skype Chatverlauf mit. Wollte keiner sehen, war aber für mich beruhigend es dabei zu haben.
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