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  1. Interview officer called me last week mentioned they were able to find her medical report from the POE Border control and didn't need to do another medical and said congratulations you are approved.' Online status shows approved now as well On September 13, 2018, we approved your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
  2. Had the interview today, they lost our medical report they had us do over seas. Interview officer mention it has happened before and they apologize it may have gotten lost in mail to them or it may have gotten attached to some other file. He mentioned he will check one more system if he does not find it we will need to the medical again. Did the interview asked how we met and any evidence of relationship we have. Mentioned we are good to be approved he just cannot approve it without getting the medical. he will check one more system if its not there he will send a letter in the mail to do the medical. This is just dumb how is it our fault that they lost the medical record they took from us at POE and making us pay for it again. Searching this forum it seems this is pretty common for them to lose it and making us pay again for medical. 😡 So in a way we are approved just cannot get the approved stamp until they can find the medical report or if we do the medical again and provide it to them.
  3. Ah ok, on our DS3025 i see TD checked however TDAP is not checked. However at the bottom it has the box checked k visa applicant voluntarily complete vaccination requirements and on the back under remarks it says K-Visa applicant received the required vaccinations for US Immigration on her own request Our interview it tomorrow I guess we'll see if it's going to be required as it's too late to do anything about it lol. Hey nice you see you here i'm sure you'll hear something soon
  4. Did Paul do the medical/vaccination before coming to US and got a DS3025? If so do you mean this Civil surgeon transferred the data from DS3025 to i693? How much did he charge?
  5. Thanks biometrics were on July 19th Thanks
  6. Thanks will do. The interview will be in Durham so i assume Durham is the field office. Congrats keep us posted how it goes
  7. Received letter in the mail today for Interview. Letter says initial interview and has list of documents to bring unless already submitted with petition. Not sure if there is another interview after this as it says initial interview on the letter. I'll have to do some research on this forums regarding this unless someone here knows already? Has anyone else received Interview date? Ours will be August 30th. online status shows Interview Was Scheduled On July 26, 2018, we scheduled an interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
  8. hmm that's weird I only got the 2 receipt numbers. Are all 3 of your Receipt numbers one after another? Increment by 1?
  9. Same here, however i only got two texts, did you get a receipt # for all 3? I got two cases numbers for following forms, missing the travel I-131 On June 23, 2018, we accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485, Application On June 8, 2018, we received your Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization
  10. Yes same here by Package was delivered on June 11th, still no NOA1. E-notification or Letter in the mail. Anyone else?
  11. Sent ours 2 days ago expected to be delivered tomorrow
  12. OMG CONGRATS!!!!! So happy for you finally Rest of the process will be a breeze
  13. Thank you all @Trinab80 Praying for you, waiting to hear your good news
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