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  1. You don't have to show them all of your accounts. Just show them your joint account.
  2. They told my husband he was approved the day of the interview. He received his GC roughly 7 days later. Good luck
  3. We did our our non-romantic court wedding here and then took a year and planned our wedding in Spain. Was is what i always envisioned, NO. But sometimes in life you have to work with what you got. And guess what. I had the best time at my second wedding.
  4. Ugh yes.... already dreading that! Have it on the calendar to start prepping six months before expiration date.
  5. Screw it. Will just deal with that SSN card. As long as he has GC, then I don't see a problem Have a great weekend
  6. @emekus94Do you know what we have to bring to SSA to have the SSN card not reflect authorization required by DHS once Green Card has been issued?
  7. Our field office was originally Oakland Park when we lived in Hallandale, FL. We recently purchased a home in Boca and were afraid to change the address from PO Box in Hallandale to Boca Raton because someone I know who worked in USCIS said it would delay our process. I decided to change it since we were closing PO Box in Hallandale this June. I did a change of address in April of 2019. I received an interview noticed that same month for the West Palm Beach Field Office. We had our interview today and were approved. All this to say that if you are afraid to change your address for fear of prolonging the process, it might actually help. Now if your new field office is gonna be Oakland Park, or Miami I wouldn't' change it. Good luck to all.
  8. Hello All, We had our interview today. They asked us for our medical. I know I sent it but thank goodness brought another copy. She (the officer) then asked ME how we met. And asked my husband the yes/no questions. She asked for joint asset documents. I gave her a folder of stuff to include the deed, bank statements, vehicle registration. She did a lot of writing, typing, and stamping. She also took our wedding invite (church wedding in Spain this upcoming June) and put it in the file to which I cringed because those invites cost me a lot of money lol Anyway, she said she would approve us on the spot. I teared up and so did the interpreter. The officer smiled! She explained that he will have to apply for removal of conditions in two years and could apply for citizenship in three years. Received an update on the app an hour later that the new card was being produced. Much luck to all who are still waiting.
  9. @emekus94 Appointment day is May 13, 2019 at 1:30pm. Pheww
  10. Girl!!! I just got Interview has been scheduled. And in normal USCIS form, I am scared to death. I hope the interview is before May 25. My husband is scheduled to leave for Spain to prepare things for our Church wedding. Lord help me! Will keep you posted. I am praying we don't have to change interview date. But we have a valid reason. Or we will just push back his flight. Wedding isn't until 6/22. OMG... i am rambling. So excited.
  11. Question for anyone that has changed address. Did you get an updated date for "your interview is ready to be scheduled." I changed my address recently which puts me in another local office. I got a notification today so I checked. The address change was completed and the date for "your interview is ready to be scheduled" changed from August 2018 to April 4, 2019? Just wondering if this is normal? I hope W. Palm Beach office moves quicker. Ugh. Working on my EAD/AP renewal now cause you never know!
  12. I am nowhere near an interview because well I am in South Florida (ugh) but does anyone have a list of docs that we should prepare for the interview. I like to prepare early. thanks in advance.
  13. I just wanna know cause i am nosy. lol I don't expect an interview for a few months. South Florida!!!!!
  14. It says this system cannot provide you case status at this time. But online it says your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Any clue what this means.
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