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  1. Yeah you guys are right I will file after president's day.
  2. I will be filing later this month. I have a feeling we will get approved fast now that they might waive interviews for most people. Good luck everybody!
  3. My GC's expiration date is 05/18/2019 so my 90 days window to file start on 02/17/2019 and my question to you guys is if i ship the package say a day before and pay for next day delivery will they return the whole thing because I shipped it a day early or will it be ok because they will receive within the 90 days window? Reason for asking is because 02/17 will be on a sunday and next day is president's day which is a federal holiday. I wanted to send my i-751 package on 02/16 so it will get there on the very next day after president's day (02/18) Any help is appreciated.
  4. Luckily I got a full 6 years DL on texas with my temp GC. They don't need to know I'm a conditional resident they only see my DL for auto loan purposes.