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  1. They did not allow family members into the room. The document you received should also detail the requirements
  2. I'm located in Houston Tx so ceremony was at the USCIS building: 810 Gears Rd Houston, TX 77067 1.Arived 3o minutes before appt Time 2.Lined up to enter building for security Check 3.Lined up again to confirm appt letter was filled in correctly and signed. Chair number written on appointment letter. 4.Sat down and an officer came by for 2nd check and signing of document and asked to see my Previous EAD's, Green cards etc. 5.Went into the room where Oath was to take place---Each chair has 2 envelops ....1 has a letter from current President congratulating you. 2nd Envelope has oath of allegiance, American Flag and passport Application Form and Voter registration card. 6.Waited to be called and submit Appointment letter and GC's, EAD etc. 7.Explained what the next process was going to be 8.Oath of Allegiance was recited by Officer 9.Explained about passport application 10.Waited to be issued certificate of naturalization-----Please confirm before leaving as they van make correction free while onsite. Once you leave its going to cost you. since we were 120 people it took about 2 hrs.
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