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  1. Well i will either get a yea or no.but i just need an answer so that i know how to proceed ..to the next step
  2. Exactly what the lawyer told me.but as long as a. Case is open,and was not destroyed after 2 years,is very possible...so yes i hope so.will see
  3. I went to see a lawyer,and she give me like a direct line to nvc customer services, i give them the case # all the info,and ofcourse they first check if the case its open or destroy .my case is opeN and they submitted the request for a 2 interview, unfortunately there's no time frame.
  4. Ready to submit request for 2 interview 

  5. Guys so 3 years ago,my fiances visa was not approved so they told him try again in 3 more years,its been three more years,the case status says is open and was not destroyed, so a lawyer give me the number where i can call and sent a request for a second interview approval,it's been 3 weeks ,i have submitted 2 different requests already,they only last 10 days and you got to resubmit another one,until you get an answer,did anyone ever had something similar..? Please if you don't want to help. Don't reply...
  6. Thank you guys i really appreciate all the good and bad answers...by the way guys i ask this question on behalf a friend,my case the you see on my page,is pending for approval for a 2 interview,but my bestfriend is the one the was trying to see what if anyone had the experience,or something similar.✌🙏
  7. December 9 was interview .. december 19 got the letter asking for his passport
  8. My fiance, had his interview,and then they told him they need it more time,to review the case and 2 weeks after i receive a letter requesting to send his current valid passport...but it doesn't say,if his visa was approved or denied.? HAD A ANYONE BEEN IN THIS SITUATION? WHY WOULD THEY ASK 4 IT?
  9. Gracias. En realidad quisiera una clinica en tijuana
  10. yes! for sure, but my question is if the embassy will send a request for it?or i just can go ahead and booked without any noticed from embassy
  11. Can you provide me with a link. I already book the interview.and finger prints!! But not sure about medical exam?.
  12. But do i get a letter saying like book the medical exam or i just booked ?
  13. how do i know when i need to do the medical exams.?do i get a letter requesting them or no? from juarez/.
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