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  1. Hello. We are in the same situation as you. My husband came on k1 visa in june. We married august and submit all documents in september. We didnt hear anything from anyone after biometrics in november. Ive tried to update with emma twice and she was useless saying its still pending. I tried to go through senator then they started asking questions if I fit the requirements for expediting so I just let it go and stopped checking the tracker app everyday to only check every 3 days. When I checked again last week, it said card was produced. He received his combo card on Saturday. It was very unexpected. Its weird how they are doing things. A friend in another state(ohio) applied after us in october and got greencard in april where as another friend in neighboring state applied before all of us in august has nothing yet. 🤦🏾‍♀️
  2. I receive i797 and ead card on the same day. The tracking number uscis gave was tracking the actual card. My mail man delivered i797 and forgot to give the card. He came back after 1 hour and told me he forgot it. He scanned it and then gave it me. Now the website said delivered
  3. We just got approved for ead/ap combo card on 5/3. The card came in mail today.
  4. Im in Maryland. I didnt know which location to follow up on. I check my app periodically and this morning it updated to biometrics appointment scheduled and they will mail the document. I logged into the myuscis app and see the electronic document anyway and it was scheduled for 11/17. So 2 months over here🥲 but happy That Im finally on track with everyone else lol. I hope you got your letter too!
  5. Me too. We filed on 9/13. They received 9/14. Noa was dated 9/15 and still no biometrics. Just access code.
  6. Yes. Administrative processing is normal. We were in administrative processing for about a week then the passport was ready for pick up
  7. 😳 I cant believe they did that to him. Did he call to talk to a manager? Im def the more aggressive one in the relationship. I was screaming when he called me to get the manager and they brought one but he kept saying no. He needs to change his flight to quarantine for 2 weeks. And pay for a transit visa in turkey despite only spending 3 hours there🤦🏾‍♀️. I couldnt even get in contact with Turkish Airlines customer service in America, the line was busy. I had to make an international call using a different country customer service. Just useless. I was able to rebook him with China Southern and he is on the plane now! His friends have now changed their flights away from Turkish. Thank you for your advice. I want to email them back and tell them you said he couldnt fly to US but hes on his way to LAX now! Where is my money!?
  8. They were crazy! It was Turkish Airlines. Their customer service was useless. I already disputed with my bank because they were insistent that its his fault he missed his flight. I dont know why they are being so stubborn.
  9. Thank you all. This is very frustrating and the original airline only wants to give me $54 from the original $1100 ticket because “he didnt have a valid visa”😩
  10. They havent been printing the NIE statement on the K1 visa because the proclamation for blanket NIE for K1 was issued in April 8. K1 is exempt from quarantine rules
  11. Hi everyone. My fiance is living in China but has a Sierra Leone passport. He received his K1 visa last week and was scheduled to travel today to me in Washington, DC(transit through Turkey for 4 hours). When he arrived to the airport, they denied him boarding the plane because he needs to quarantine in Turkey for 14 days prior to entering the United States. My fiance showed the publications on Department of State website but they still insisted that he has to get a visa for Turkey to quarantine and he cannot come straight here. I rebooked him on another flight which will leave tomorrow with a different airline altogether. What further information can I provide at the airport to prevent this issue from re-occuring? Thanks in advance
  12. Congrats! Thank you for your update! I read online that it switches from immigrant visa to nonimmigrant visa right before issue. I was able to track it through that so I expect to hear from them too! Thanks again and congrats once again!
  13. Has the issue been resolved for you? Im experiencing the same thing
  14. My condolences, Im sorry for your lost. Immigration ,unfortunately, sucks. I lost my dad last year too and got rejected. It makes grieving harder when you cant have your partner there. It will get better with time. Its something that is out of our control.
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