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  1. Ohh i see now. She is single, lives with parents but is working at a school in UAE and wants to come see family and go back. She has traveled to Australia etc. before covid n came back well in time of the expiry ..this is her background
  2. For sister But she has a valid visa. Can it be an objection in anyway i mean so many people visit usa
  3. 1)my parents DQ was done march 2022 from Abu dhabi embassy. What is the wait time till the interview letter? Can Parents come visit me in summer from june to August while waiting for the IL. What happens if they get a IL in dubai during this stay. 2) my sister has b1/b2 as well. Is it good if she travels with parents to come see me? Or this can be a problem in anyway? Plz help Thanks
  4. Hi. what is the interview timeline for IR5 parents Green card for Abu Dhabi. My parents are UAE residents but pakistanies by origin, plz help
  5. I think travel is possible on b1/b2 depending on which country they are traveling from. For how long have you been waiting after the DQ???
  6. Hi, plz can you send me a link of this telegram group Anyone can suggest for parents IR5 what is the wait time for IL. They are pakistani but UAE residents since 40 yrs or more
  7. how do we tell them they do not want to stay. it will be only for a month or 2 and they will go back
  8. Hi Plz advise as my parents immigration is under process but we are tired of waiting. my kids want to meet them and I am missing them. we cannot travel as my kids have school can my parents travel on B1-B2. Will it affect their immigration in any way??? My sister is also on b1 b2 can she travel with them to visit me as well plz help and clarify both things
  9. Yes I logged in many times but nothing so far. What can i do to expedite
  10. Hi, My Parents application was sent in 2020 to USCIS. They sent it to Abu Dhabi NVC in NOV 2020. I got a email in 2021 saying NVC wants more documents which i had sent and after that it is quiet since 2021, How long is Abu Dhabi NVC taking to DQ and do i need to inform USCIS that the case in still active OR they know it? Can i do anything to expedite this? Plz help Thanks
  11. Makes me so sad as I could not travel with kids and soo was looking fwd to seeing some family where the intention was very good too
  12. Yes, major questions were about me and my husband. They have their families brothers and father in UAE. Brother-in-law works for a company as a manager. He is an engineer. Sister works for British council. both are 29 and 25 i think. Married for 2 yrs
  13. Hi, My sister is married and wanted to come see me with her husband. As they had gone to several other places for honeymoon they had USA in pipeline as well. Both of them are educated and have work in UAE. THey applied for the B1/B2 visa like a year back but due to COVID their interview date was received after a year. My entire family travels alot to Australia, Singapore and other countries and have never been rejected but she and her husband got rejected straight away. We still cannot understand the reason as their pure intention was to visit USA. The officer asked them what are they going for, they mentioned travel and visit to me. He asked what do I do in USA and they said she is a house wife. He asked how did she go to USA, they said she got married and went. Then he asked what visa did he come on n my sister replied he went as a student. Apart from this conversation the other thing that comes to my mind is that my parents green card papers are in process. HOwever, they have not been DQed yet. Plz, help what is the reason for rejection and can she reapply or should she reapply visit to USA? She and her husband really got disappointed and do not want to get rejected again. PLz help Thanks
  14. Hi, My sister and Bro in law want to travel on a tourist visa to USA. The interview is scheduled for jan 13th. They already had synopharm vaccine. Is it compulsory for tourists to get Pfizer vaccine? Should they both get Pfizer Plz help Thanks
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