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  1. Thank you Ontarkie. That is exactly what I thought haha. But no it's not an arranged marriage.
  2. Thank you very K & R, I do appreciate your response. Okay so I was thinking if we submit email chats and part of it shows wedding planning (ceremony and reception venue, attendance, budgeting and cost of everything) prior to the time I engaged her, could that look like an arranged marriage though? Just thinking.
  3. Hi guys, I am in need of your advices. So my fiancee is about to start the application for the K1 visa. My question is about the evidence of communication between I and my fiancee. We've had some details of the type of wedding we would like to have: ceremony, reception venue and all that wedding stuffs in our email logs. Note that we talked about this even before I engaged her. I want to know if it would seem right to include that part of the email in our frontload documents?. I am worried if it would look like an arranged marriage or too much detail which might seem as trying hard enough to convince our case. Thank you guys.