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  1. I was added to spouse’s health insurance and apt lease without SSN. Getting ssn for me has been a pain in the behind. 3 weeks since I applied, made a follow up call and was told DHS is still sorting things out. 🥺
  2. If I follow the instructions in the pdf on the first page of this group, you should be on the next shipment date to your local embassy, this tuesday. If you are on fiance route then you don't need to send NVC any document. The required documents are taken to the interview. You can do what most people do including myself start filling your DS 160 form on CEAC website.
  3. You are very experienced my friend fine, I'll try not to be extra. Thanks.
  4. Mentioning the gmail account sounds like the smartest thing to do:) I tried looking up my Facebook profile from another account using my full name and I kept seeing many profiles having my exact name lol. So I was thinking of making their job easy by putting the link to my profile? That is www.facebook.com/xxxxx.... 'xxxx' is your profile name/nickname (I think). I don't know if that makes sense. Or not, I'll just stick to using the name. Good idea, add all the Instagram accounts
  5. Good question @Regi I'm hoping to get an answer to this. I also want to add to the question about social media accounts. If I stream youtube videos using my gmail on my android phone does it mean I have a youtube àccount/channel?
  6. Maybe if you share your interview transcripts you might miraculously hear from the embassy on the 10th day. Cheers.
  7. Theres your answer. Until monday. Cheers.
  8. Thank you Ontarkie. That is exactly what I thought haha. But no it's not an arranged marriage.
  9. Thank you very K & R, I do appreciate your response. Okay so I was thinking if we submit email chats and part of it shows wedding planning (ceremony and reception venue, attendance, budgeting and cost of everything) prior to the time I engaged her, could that look like an arranged marriage though? Just thinking.
  10. Hi guys, I am in need of your advices. So my fiancee is about to start the application for the K1 visa. My question is about the evidence of communication between I and my fiancee. We've had some details of the type of wedding we would like to have: ceremony, reception venue and all that wedding stuffs in our email logs. Note that we talked about this even before I engaged her. I want to know if it would seem right to include that part of the email in our frontload documents?. I am worried if it would look like an arranged marriage or too much detail which might seem as trying hard enough to convince our case. Thank you guys.
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